Ann Chery Waist Cincher Reviews

Ann Chery, also known as Ann Cherry, is a name that is known by people that value well made shapewear. The company is based in Columbia and is known in South America. Their products can also be found in Mexico, as well as the United States, although they have plans to expand their lines towards Europe as soon as possible. They admit that they use great organizational techniques when they tackle projects, which translate to quality products for the consumers. The company has many lines of body shapers and they employ strict standards when creating new shapewear items. The Ann Chery brand also understands that there is always room for improvement and that garments should be functional and comfortable, as well as be stylish and look great.


The numerous lines of products they produce for men and women aim to help their customers solve all sorts of problems and concerns they have about their bodies or with the way they look. They make everything from waist cinchers to bodysuits to girdles and fajas to compression shorts. This means their products can potentially help with posture, after a cosmetic or medical procedure, to alleviate different types of pain, to get into shape after birth, to make your middle smoother or shapelier, and in order to lose more weight. They also cover a wide range of sizes and shapes, so regardless of someone’s size, they have a solution for you. No matter what your problem area or purpose is, Ann Chery undoubtedly makes a product that can meet your needs.

Ann Chery 2026 Workout Faja Deportiva


The Ann Chery Sporty Workout Faja is a waist cincher shaper that is imported and should always be hand washed in mild soap and water. The product is constructed of cotton and latex and can be ordered in three colors: blue, pink, and purple. It is designed to be used when being active and will make the user sweat. This is beneficial because it can help release extra sweat and burn additional calories when doing a workout, which releases more toxins for a healthier body. It also compresses the middle to help you achieve the look of a shapelier waistline.

Customers of the product love it because it is comfortable enough to wear on your skin or with a sweat band or camisole on underneath. This is especially important because the product may stretch a little, but it still fits and does its job. It is reported to be able to be seen under thin clothes, but that it looks great under all other types of clothes. They also say that it may run small, and that you should pay special attention to your measurements in the sizing chart. Additionally, it is recommended that you get used to the garment first before you try to work out in it, especially trying strenuous exercise, due to the difficulty you may have with simple tasks and breathing. Overall, this product is highly rated and people love the shape they can achieve with it, as well as the overall posture correction that it offers.

Ann Chery 2021 Black Latex 3 Hook Classic


The Ann Chery 3 Hook Classic waist cincher in black latex is an extremely attractive shapewear product, because it looks as if it is made of leather. It has 3 rows of hook closures down the front, in order for you to lose a few inches and still be able to use the shaper. It is constructed of poliamide and spandex for maximum stretch and is a garment that is designed to compress you especially well through the waist and entire abdomen area. It has a skeleton of covered boning; in order to be comfortable enough to wear every day to help alleviate problems or poor body image issues, and shouldn’t lose its shape or shift at all.

The shaper is specifically designed to use when working out to lose weight and release toxins, as well as simply to compress the waist and core, and to get a nice uniform look under clothing. The product is a best seller because it can help you lose weight from your waist very quickly. Users agree that some may have a problem with the latex smell, but that if you hand wash it when you receive it, you shouldn’t be able to smell it as much. Others say that it cannot be seen under clothes and that it fits as expected, although you should buy a size up if you are unsure if it will fit. There are many people that love this waist trainer with its sleek look and durable construction, and few that can find fault with it.

Ann Chery 2025 Faja Clasica Waist Cincher


The Ann Chery Classic Faja is a body shaper that features a high rise design, which is formulated to start right under the breasts and protect the whole waist and core of the body. It is also ultra-high compression, so that it can offer quality results to the wearers of the product.

Other features include encased ribs in the interior structure to help it stand up properly, a hook closure, and it can be ordered in different sizes and colors, including black and beige.

This faja can be worn when you are working out, and in fact can be worn no matter what your activity level is, even if you are rather sedentary. It covers the entire torso and can help correct posture and lose weight. It can even help you achieve an hourglass figure and slim out problem areas through the middle.

Online customers have many things to say about this waist cincher, including that it can be worn comfortable for up to 12 hours a day. They also say that it is long enough to be able to tuck into pants or jeans without looking silly, and that it looks great under nearly any type of loose fitting clothing. One downside is that the shapewear runs small and that you should be diligent when picking a size to try. There are many reasons to try this popular waist cincher and virtually zero real reasons not to try it if you are interested enough to give it a go.

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