Baby Belly Band Review


The Cabea Baby Belly Band is a versatile product that is designed to be worn for pain relief and support during and after pregnancy. It helps alleviate many types of pain, especially in the lower back and hip, and can help people who have had hernias or c-sections.

This garment consists of a soft band that is to be placed under the wearer’s belly. It is constructed of neoprene and nylon spandex, so that it doesn’t limit the wearer’s movements. It is also latex-free for those that have an allergy or sensitivity to latex. This sleek band sports a Velcro closure so that it fastens securely and can grow as you and your baby grow. It is about 6 inches in width and is black in color. There are additional straps you can purchase separately for this band which are fully compatible, including shoulder and groin supports, which may also guarantee a more perfect fit when worn. The product can even be washed in the washing machine, and can tumble dry on low. The Velcro should be fastened when washed, in order for it to not attract extra lint and dust from the dryer.

Maternity Support Belt by Cabea

Those that have tried the product and like it say that it fits many different sizes and shapes of woman. This is especially true because it comes in a wide range of sizes. There are sizes that range from small to double-xl, which will accommodate many expectant mothers. For instance, even if you are expecting twins, you should be able to find a belly band that will meet your needs.

Other pros are that the support is smooth and doesn’t bulge under clothing and that it can be worn all day, even if you are working. It is said to be very comfortable and secure, and doesn’t move after you put it on. Many women are able to successfully stay active and exercise in this garment, and appreciate that it didn’t limit their movement at all. Some moms even reported that they used it after having a baby and it still helped them out substantially, especially when they had back aches. A handful of people didn’t like the product because they feel it gets too hot or that they could not tell the difference between wearing it and not wearing it. Of course, every woman is different, and everyone has different needs, so it is not fair to judge this product due to a few naysayers. It has helped many women, some men, and will continue to do so.

This belly belt is well liked and is a good seller. You can also feel that the Cabea brand cares about you because not only does this belt do its job, but you have the option to buy additional straps and support for this item in order for it to work to his greatest capability. This is definitely one to watch if you need more support during or after your pregnancy, or you suffer from back pain.

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