Baby Constipation Remedy


As a parent, when your baby isn’t feeling its best, it is of great concern to you. One problem that can cause a bit of distress in a baby is constipation. However, there are quite a few remedies to try, so your baby’s tummy can feel good again.

When a baby is breast-fed, there are rarely any problems with constipation. On the flip side, if a baby is on formula or has switched to solid foods, there is a chance they can have trouble doing their business. The formula may have too much lactose or another ingredient that a baby has to get used to, so if the problem doesn’t get better, you may have to switch to a different brand of formula. In the case of solid foods, this is something new for a child’s system, so their bodies have to learn how to process it.

If you notice your baby is straining a lot or they have a hard, distended stomach, these are signs that they might be having problems with constipation. Another sign is when they arch their backs a lot.

There are a few easy remedies to use to get everything back to normal. The first thing to try is water. The baby may be dehydrated and need a bit more fluids. Try giving your child a couple ounces of water after each meal and see if it helps. You may also give them a few ounces of pear juice or apple juice, which will do the same thing. If baby is eating solid foods, you may give them peas or prunes.

Another thing that can help is to rub your child’s belly. Rub in small circles for a few minutes, which could help relieve pressure on the intestines and allow them to go. This will also help alleviate gas. Warm baths also lend a hand. Give your baby a nice warm bath that allows them to relax their body. This can enable them go to the bathroom in the same way it can help an adult.

Most of the time, a baby’s constipation is nothing to be concerned about, and will clear up on its own. However, if you are worried about it, contact your doctor for more information and remedies. They will be able to give you more insight into what is going on with your child, and should be able to give you an idea of what to expect in the future.

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