Baby Monitor Buying Guide


Baby monitors are devices that help you listen in on your little one whenever you aren’t in the room. They are mainly used to see when a baby wakes up or to see if they have any trouble sleeping during the night.

When you are in the market for a baby monitor, you need to think about what you need it to do. This will help you narrow down the list and allow you to decide what features are necessary. There are essentially 2 types of baby monitors, and here are the features you can expect on each kind.

Audio Monitors

This is the classic type of baby monitor that has been around for many years. It listens in on baby to see if there is a problem and to let you know when they are awake. It also can do other things, such as light up and be sound free. Many types can be muted, so the parents are able to sleep too, but will show lights to tell you when the baby is crying. The more lights that show up, the louder the crying is.

Another great feature is that it can tell you where it is. Like cordless phones, baby monitors have receivers, where you can press a button and page the system. That way if you left it somewhere, it can make a noise so you can locate it.

There are also types that take batteries and those that are rechargeable. If you are someone that never seems to have the correct batteries in your house, you may want to choose the rechargeable kind.

Video Monitors

Video monitors are a more expensive type of baby monitor because it can do more things. They normally have all the features of an audio monitor, but also show you video of what is going on in your child’s room. Most have a small LCD screen, so you get a clear picture, and some even come with night vision technology.
The way it can see what is going on is through a camera. You simply place a camera where it points on your child or their crib, and you keep the device with the screen with you, to stay informed.

Some people also use these devices as nanny cams, since there are some that allow you to watch the camera feed over the internet or on a storage medium that you can plug into your computer or tablet.

Another helpful option found in video monitors is that you can turn the screen off when you need to go to sleep. Some have an option for the machine to turn the screen on whenever there is a peep in your child’s room, so it won’t wake you unless that happens. Furthermore, some will be able to tell you if your child stops breathing or if the temperature is too hot or cold, through the use of a small sensor.


Both types of monitors are highly useful. It is up to you to decide what features you need and how much you can spend. This will dictate what type of monitor you should get, and can be a great friend when you are caring for your child.

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