Ensuring Safety with Your Children at Home in a Modern World

Baby-Safety Nothing is more important to a Parent than their child, which is why we want to ensure their safety from the day they are born. The home is always a priority as from the time that the child is brought home till he or she grows up and understands safety the need for safety. Safety at home is always a challenge especially as they start to crawl and explore on their own, anything and everything is open to touch, see, and even sometimes taste if they are so inclined. In a modern world, it is becoming easier to secure your home to keep your children safe with all the items that are at hand.

Most Mothers, and even Father’s know that the crib is a big importance for safety, insure that it adheres to all known safety standards first. Second, when putting baby down to rest remove the pretty stuffed pillows and animals you have adorned the crib with as they can cause suffocation. This includes any loose bedding as well, as they can bury their little faces them and not be able to roll out or pull them away.

When baby is 6-8 months old they should be crawling and scooting around on their own, which means the rest of the home should be “Baby-proofed”. This means safety-gates for stairs or areas of the home you do not want them in. Outlet plug covers, kitchen and drawer locks/latches and other items should be on your long list of safety features for your home.

Baby gates come in a wide array of styles and types, and they can keep a child from falling down stairs, to running to rooms that you don’t want them in. Pressure mounted gates have springs in them that help to adjust to the size of the doorway and the locking mechanism allows it to wedge the gate in place and stay there. Only use these for the bottom of stairs or from room to room as they can be pushed over with enough force. Hardware mounted gates are used anywhere in the home especially at the top of stairs as they are mounted directly into the wall with screws. Both of these types of gates can have a swing through latched opening or just be solid.

Other safety issues are toy box lids, it is important to find a toy box that will help to evade pinched fingers, and will not close accidentally trapping your little darlings head. Also securing furniture to the wall will help to prevent them from turning it over on themselves if they use it to pull themselves up.

If you have a fireplace ensure that it is covered with a safety screen that can’t be easily moved by baby. Ensure bookshelves and other wall type units are secure to the wall as baby may use them to pull up, and could pull them over on top of themselves. Hide cords as babies may want to chew on them and this can cause electrocution. Put corner guards on sharp corners to keep them safe from bumping their heads when learning to stand.

The Kitchen is a big importance on safety as well. Ensure that you have cabinet locks and drawer latches, so that they don’t pull drawers out on themselves or open cabinets and get into toxic items. Move your cleaning supplies to a higher locked cabinet, as some children will figure out cabinet locks.

Doing just these few things will help to ensure that your baby is safer in the home, this is not everything that can be done, but some most important ones to start off with.