My 3 Favorite Bandana Bibs

All babies drool, it is inevitable they are going to do it, some more than others. When teething they are going to drool even more, this can make their clothing really wet and even sometimes give them a rash. It is important to ensure that your child’s skin stays dry so that it will not develop a rash, this can be done by using drool bibs for your child. These wonder items will help keep their clothes and them dry, preventing the nasty rash from surfacing. Searching for a great bib is difficult but 3 great ones are listed below:

Matimati Baby Bandana


Matimati Baby Bandana Drool Bibs are a great gift for future or current parents of a little one. These colorful bibs are made from 100% organic cotton on the front and on the back is a polyester fleece that is very absorbent, drawing the drool away from baby and their clothes keeping them very dry. Attachable with two nickel free snaps that baby will find hard to pull off. These bibs are suggested or babies that are 3-24 months of age.

Matimati Baby Bandana Drool Bibs are not only comfortable and soft but they will have your girl looking jazzy and your boy looking dapper. As they are made in very trendy looking patterns and colors that you’ll love. There not only great for your own child but a perfect gift for other parents that have drooling children as well. Never worry about drool again with these chic wetness enforcers.

Copper Pearl Bandana Unisex


Copper Pearl’s Baby Bandana Drool Bibs are another gorgeous set of bibs for your baby. Their sleek Aztec patterns are a must for any mother, and will look great on either a boy or girl. Also Made from 100% cotton on the front and a 100% polyester fleece backing to ensure wetness is pulled away from your little one’s clothes and skin, even if you have a little drool-monster.

Attachable with 2 nickel free snaps that to help keep your 3-24 month old bundle of joy from pulling them off. These bibs are durable and long lasting and Copper Pearl also backs their product with a 100% Money Back Guarantee. Making them a great gift for parents of a new baby or for your own little ones. Make baby look awesome at any time with these adorable dribble bibs. Ensure that your little one is dry with Copper Pearls Bandanna’s.

Zippy Bandana Drool Dandy Patterns


Zippy Bandana Drool Dandy Patterns are a wonderfully fun set of drool bibs that have a beautiful style and versatility to them. Each bandana has 100% polyester backing to a 100% cotton front that has many adorable designs and vibrant colors to compliment any child’s wardrobe. These adorable drool catchers attach with a 2 snap strap that helps to keep it firmly in place while baby has a fun-filled day.

Zippy Bandana bibs are machine washable and will retain their shape after washing. These bibs are super absorbent and are made from high-quality -materials, that help to keep moisture from your babies, no matter if it is drool, spit up, or meal time. They are not only a great gift for your own child but they are a great gift for new parents as well. Let your little one step out in style in these adorable yet stylish drool bandanas.

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