Best Abdominal Binder After C-Section

After your C-section, your doctor might recommend an abdominal binder to help speed up your recovery time. An abdominal binder is like an elastic belt that you fasten around your stomach, and it provides support for your abdominal muscles while also helping to keep stitches or bandages in place and promoting healing at the incision site. An abdominal binder can help improve circulation to the surgery site, so that the skin around the incision gets enough oxygen to heal. All of these benefits mean that you can be up, walking, and back to your old self quicker, which is of utmost importance when you have a newborn baby to care for. Even if your doctor doesn’t expressly recommend an abdominal binder, you might find yourself wanting one in order to help support your post-partum abdomen and speed up healing.


An abdominal binder does more than just help the incision heal; it can also make it easier to deal with some common post-partum issues. For example, an abdominal binder can help improve your posture and straighten out your spine, which can be damaged during the nine months of pregnancy. It can also help your abdomen return to its original shape and reduce flab and loose skin from shedding your pregnancy weight. Abdominal binders have been known to reduce the look of stretch marks and also speed up weight loss after the baby is born.

An abdominal binder should fit you comfortably; you want it to be tight around your abdomen, but not so tight that it cuts off circulation or is uncomfortable for you to wear for long periods of time. Having an appropriately sized binder is paramount to its success in helping you recover, so before you purchase any binder make sure that the size specifications match your body type. All the extra features and benefits on a binder won’t mean anything if it doesn’t fit right!

If you’re considering investing in an abdominal binder to help you recover from a C-section, or to help you regain your pre-pregnancy body, there are a lot of factors to consider. Some of the most important things to look for in an abdominal binder are durability, comfort, and effectiveness. You’ll want an binder that can be worn all day without falling apart; you also want to be sure that the binder is comfortable enough that you can wear it sitting, standing, or walking around doing chores. And, of course, the most important aspect is the effectiveness: you want a binder that will actually work for you and your body. Here are three of the top-performing abdominal binders available on the market today to help you make the right choice for you.


Bellefit Postpartum Girdle Corset C-Section Recovery

Bellefit is one of the most well-known producers of abdominal binders, and they have a long reputation of making good products. The Bellefit Medical-Grade Corset is padded for extra comfort and made of a microporous material that will allow your skin to breathe through the girdle, reducing sweat and discomfort.

The crotch includes a flap that makes it easy for you to use the restroom while wearing the girdle, and its design is excellent for recovering your posture and repairing your spine after childbirth. This medical-grade binder will give you all the compression you need to make a speedy recovery without being overly bulky or obvious under clothing. One of the biggest benefits of the Bellefit Medical-Grade Corset is that you can download a free app that will help you choose the perfect size for you to fit all the stages of your recovery.

Bellefit Postpartum Girdle Review

Women have reported that this model is one of the best options for recovering your pre-pregnancy figure, and that they lose their baby weight much faster using this binder. One thing some women have noted is that the groin area can be a bit uncomfortable due to the wide crotch; it can cause some chafing on your thighs. Other than this, the Bellefit would be a good choice for any woman looking for support after undergoing a C-section.


Gabrialla Breathable Elastic Abdominal Binder for Women

The Gabrialla Breathable Elastic Abdominal Binder is an effective and sturdy binder that will last you for as long as you need to use it. Recommended by doctors for post-C section support, it is specially designed for the female body and will follow your natural curves with no sticking whalebones or other nuisances.

It can be adjusted to fit your changing body throughout the post-partum recovery, and its soft, breathable material won’t make you overheat or absorb sweat. This is especially important for keeping the incision site clean and sanitary to promote healing and avoid infection. Women have praised the Gabrialla for being comfortable to wear all day long, and it does not bunch up or roll down while you’re wearing it.

One thing to note when considering this binder is to pay careful attention to the dimensions when sizing; typically, women find they need a size smaller than their typical size. Women have noted that this model can be bulky and can be hard to hide underneath your clothes. However, it is great for anyone who wants a binder that will help them heal post-surgery as well as help them regain their pre-pregnancy body.

C-Section-Recovery Belly Wrap by Wink

C-Section Recovery Belly Binder by Wink

Wink’s C Section Recovery Belly Binder offers 3 layers of adjustable hook and eye closures on the side, making it an excellent option for anyone who plans to use their abdominal binder for the duration of their post-partum weight loss; as you get slimmer, you can adjust the binder to fit your smaller torso.

Another great feature on this model is that it has an opening at the crotch so that you can easily use the restroom while wearing it without having to take it off and then re-adjust it afterwards. The opening also makes it versatile enough for women of all heights; some binders can be uncomfortable for shorter women, especially when sitting, so this would be an excellent choice for any woman who has found other binders are not suited to her torso length.

How to wear Wink and when to start wearing it

The Wink C Section Recovery Binder is a medical-grade postpartum girdle comprising of two layers of compression material, making it a sturdy and effective option. Users have commented on the nice, silky feel of the binder as well as the elastic that keeps the girdle from slipping down during the course of the day. One complaint some women have had is that the sizing can be tricky, so you may need to return the first one if it does not fit you right.

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  1. Thank you for writing, I’m getting one after this c section!

  2. My son is now 2months, is it too late to wear one now?

    • No, it’s not too late.
      Many women began to wear the binder after a few months.

  3. When I had my baby, I had a vaginal birth. Now my belly is getting back to normal, but I didn’t get a belly binder from the hospital. Are they supposed to supply them to you? Are they exclusively for those that deliver via c-sections? Is there one you could recommend for me? Are they able to help fix the loose skin problem and help your uterus get back to normal size?

    • Honestly, I have only worn a binder after a c-section and not when I had a vaginal birth, so I’m not sure. I do know that I had to purchase that one myself because the hospital didn’t give me one either. The good news is that you can get them from Amazon without having to spend a lot of money. It’s worth giving them a shot, since they may be able to help you!

  4. My hospital put a binder around me IMMEDIATELY after my c section. I remember two nurses stretching it out then as they were about to secure it around me I panicked inside. Thinking, my god this is going to hurt so bad, why are you going to squeeze me where I was just cut open?!?!! Then they secured it and it was the best feeling in the world. I am now 2 weeks post c section and have worn it almost nonstop and my stomach is almost back to the way it was before my pregnancy. I wish I had this with my first c section but I was in a small town hospital. This second time I was at a state of the art hospital.

    • Hi! Your comment is very helpful. Just wanna ask, did you get a bikini cut C section or the vertical cut? Thanks.


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