Best Baby Activity Jumper

There are so many different types of activity jumpers available and many seem pretty great. What sets one apart from another is that they have enough activities to keep your child interested, and if they can be used over the course of months or years. Other things to look out for are if there are extra safety features, it’s easy to keep clean, and if it can be taken down or stored with ease. Here are some popular models that cover all of these features and warrant some serious consideration. Each will work with either a boy or a girl and they take batteries to get them to work properly.


Evenflo ExerSaucerJump and Learn Stationary Jumper

This is a colorful item for a kid that offers over 60 things for them to do. Some of these activities include lights, sounds, and music. It also isn’t just a seat that they sit in. There is actually a jump pad underneath so a child can exercise their legs at the same time. This will help them get stronger and more stable. The whole thing is easy to keep clean since the seats are removable and able to be cleaned in your home washer, and the rest can just be wiped down. Furthermore, you can adjust it to different heights and the middle spins 360 degrees, so your baby can have a lot of fun learning and still move around. It is designed to be utilized by a child that’s anywhere from 4 months to walking age, so you can get a lot of use out of it during that time.


Fisher-Price Rainforest Jumperoo

This jumper not only has a lot going on, but it also looks cool. It has a rainforest design, giving it many colors, animals, and leaves to keep a user interested. It is designed for a baby that can support its own head and is learning how to walk, so you can put your little one in this rather early. It can hold up to 25 pounds or a tyke that is up to 32 inches tall. Once they are sitting in it, they can still stand up and there are cool toys to play with, such as a piano, stuffed animals, and other things to touch and see. It has a motion sensor, so it will light up and play sounds when a child is moving things. One of the best things about this toy is that it can fold away easily, so you can move it around or store it. It shouldn’t take up a lot of space.


Baby Einstein Musical Motion Activity Jumper

This product can adjust to 5 different heights, so it is a great buy even if you have a tall baby. It’s also a bit different when it comes to the activities. It plays different songs and sounds, and it will talk in 3 different languages. It has a high back portion on the seat, so there’s a bit of extra protection when you’re using it. It can be utilized as early as 4 months and it holds up well even after months of constant use. A couple more really good aspects about this model are that it is extremely colorful and that it sits on the floor firmly, without causing any damage. A baby can sit or jump in it too, so it is built to be quite sturdy. You are also able to add extra toys if you want, meaning you can personalize it, depending on what your child’s favorite toys are.


Fisher-Price Luv U Zoo Jumperoo

This is another product that is easy to transport or store away. On the other hand, when it is set up, it has so many toys to play with. There is a roller ball, beads, spinning toys, and much more to keep a kid stimulated. There are songs or lights on most of the toys, so that a child will want to keep interacting. Additionally, there are solid safety features. All of the springs are wrapped in fabric, so no little fingers can be harmed and the seat and be washed and dried. There are three heights to adjust to and it has a steel frame that can hold up to 25 pounds. You don’t have to secure it to anything, and it can entertain your offspring for hours. It can be used on a baby up to 32 inches in height, as long as they are able to move around a bit on their own.


Baby Einstein Neptune Jumper

This machine has an under the sea theme, so there are lots of shades of blue and sea creatures to play with. There are even some really unique items included too, like flashcards, a mirror, and a paddle. It can speak in French, Spanish, or English and be adjusted to various heights, so you can get a good fit for your child. It doesn’t take up a lot of space and you can even remove some of the toys in order to use them when you aren’t utilizing the jumper. This saves money on toys and allows your kid to always be learning. There is a switch for some of the sounds, so you can have quiet playing as well. Just like other products from this brand, it is designed to last a long time and can be used as soon as your baby can hold its head up. It’s never too early to start learning.

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