Best Convertible Car Seat for Tall Babies

For safety, it is important that you choose a car seat that properly fits your baby’s height, but if you have a tall baby, it can be difficult to find one for them. Luckily, there are plenty of car seats on the market today – from 40 to 57 inches. When determining if your child fits in the car seat there are two factors that are important to consider: the protection of the shell on your baby’s head, and how adjustable the shoulder straps are. Here are some safe and comfortable car seats for tall babies.



The Recaro ProRIDE Convertible Car Seat is race-car inspired, complete with a racing stripe on the outside edge of the harness and the safety features to back it up. This comes in seven different colors. It is made with polystyrene foam and the head restraint is made with PUR foam, perfect for long road trips or short trips to the store. The seat is ergonomic and designed to mold to your child’s shape. It is safe, fashionable, and comfortable.

The ProRIDE comes with a latch system that easily snaps into your car and an easily adjustable harness system that keeps your child secure. With just a turn of the knob, you can adjust the shoulder straps to fit your growing child. At 65 pounds, the Recaro has one of the highest weight capacities of any car seat on the market, but the height limit may not fit your needs. In the event of a crash, the comfortable shell of the seat is designed to protect the most vulnerable areas of the child the best: the head, neck and face, along with the hips, thighs, torso and pelvis. The CoolMesh air ventilation will keep your child comfortable and cool in any weather condition and the fabric on the seat is easy to clean.

You can take this seat with you anywhere, as it is certified to fly; and at 20lbs, it is the lightest seat on this list. Some parents may find the Recaro difficult to install in smaller cars, but this is true of most of larger car seats. Although the Recaro has similar safety features and comfort to the Britax, it will not grow as much with your tall child; the height limit for the RECARO is 49”. And remember, you may consider purchasing the Recaro first, but Britax will last you longer.


Britax Marathon ClickTight

The Britax Marathon ClickTight Convertible car seat is great for parents who want a seat that will grow with their baby. The rear-facing seat is able to hold babies from 5-40 pounds, and converts to a front-facing seat to hold toddlers from 40-65 pounds. It also has a seven-position recline that adjusts depending on the position that your child finds most comfortable, and what position is the best fit for your vehicle.

The seat has a twelve-position harness and two-position buckles that keep your child secure as they grow and allow them to move about comfortably. The memory foam is comfortable and safely protects your child in the event of a crash. Britax comes in black/grey.

For safety, Britax is the best on the market. The seat comes with Britax’s signature ClickTight installation system that keeps your child in their seat securely when you simply buckle them in. The protective shell surrounds your child and protects them in the event of a side-impact crash. The tether minimizes side-to-side movement and slows forward movement by allowing only one tether to move at a time. Finally, the steel frame absorbs the impact and counteracts forward movement, keeping your child from moving side-to-side or jolting forward.

There is a Latch system that can be used to attach the seat to your car, but many customers have complained that this makes the seat very difficult to install and remove from your car. The seat is certified to fly, but is very large at 23 x 18.5 x 23.5 inches and 33 pounds, so parents may have difficulty carrying it around an airport. The Britax is the most expensive car seat on the market, but it is also the highest rated for safety and comfort.


Diono Rainier Convertible plus Booster with Adjustable Head Support

The Diono Rainier is an all-around great option for parents looking for a car seat that will stay in the family for years. It is suitable in the rear-facing and front-facing position for children from 5-120 pounds, and in booster mode it can accommodate children up to 57”. The seat has a 12-year durability guarantee, so you can trust that you can use it for all of your little ones.

The Diono is built with a steel frame and a 12-position adjustable head support. It is reinforced with deep side walls throughout the head of the seat so that as your child grows they are always protected from a side impact crash. The Diono has aluminum reinforced sides and headrest, plus deep sidewalls that will safely protect your child. To back this all up, the seat is lined with EPS foam and a SafeStop harness, used on children 20 to 40 pounds. Both provide energy-absorption, reducing the impact on your child in the event of a crash.

The Diono is lined with a luxurious two-piece infant body pillow with memory foam that provides extra support. It is tall, not wide, allowing more room in the car for passengers, and weighs 28 pounds, a comfortable weight between the Ricaro and the Britax. The Diono folds flat for travel and is certified to fly. Due to the added cushioning, some parents find it uncomfortable for their young babies and older children. Depending on the level of safety you require for your older children this may be the car seat for you because it is very safe. The price may be the highest, but this seat will grow with you and stay in the family for quite some time.

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