Pregnancy is a very happy occasion, until the words ‘stretch marks’ appear on the horizon. In a chase for the best stretch marks cream after pregnancy  I find out some interesting things. Various reasons can cause appearing of stretch marks or ‘striae’, from weight change to the pregnancy, and it seems like no one is safe. When the body starts growing, the skin has to expand too, and if the skin cannot spread that fast, it gets torn and damaged. Those silver and white lines on the skin are shown because the dermis got torn apart. At first lines are red and purple, and at that time it can be much easier to get rid of them. As the time goes the lines become white and silver and it becomes almost impossible to remove them.

Dermis is a second layer of our skin and it is mostly responsible for the flexibility, so when it gets damaged exposed vessels are shown, as a purple-red lines and the best time to get rid of them is in that exact period. Bellies, breasts or even thighs, they can show up everywhere and the most common are pregnancy stretch marks. Growing of the uterus makes dermis expanding and when it reaches its own limits dermis gets damaged.

Invention of stretch marks lotion is one of the greatest things that happened to the pregnant woman all around the globe, since nobody likes to have scared white lines all over the belly and breasts. Lotions can keep skin moisturized and elastic, preventing the appearance of those ugly scars in the first place. It can be very hard to heal damaged dermis, but with several products it is possible. I tried everything, from home remedies to the highly priced products in order to find the best creams for stretch marks after pregnancy, and after a long search my list is narrowed down to the next three products.

Revitagen-FX Stretch Mark and Skin Repair Formula Review


Since I had lots of difficulties to remove striae that appeared on my breasts, thighs and belly, I tried almost everything. Becoming desperate I ordered Revitagen formula and decided to give it a try, leaving skepticism behind. Revitagen-FX Stretch Mark and Skin Repair Formula comes in 6 oz tube and according to the description it uses a unique formula that boosts collagen production, increases the metabolism of cells in the skin and repairs skin tone, making it look natural and well colored.

Revitagen has several ingredients that will improve the condition of a skin. Oligopeptides moisturize and make skin more elastic; pentapeptides improve production of collagen, retinyl palmitate boost skin cell metabolism and siegesbeckia orientalis improve condition of skin cells.

The use of this formula is very easy; the best way to use it is once in the morning, and once in the evening, pretty simple. By just applying it in on the damaged area in a circular motion I noticed improvement very quickly, which came as a surprise since I didn’t expect to see any changes for a month or so. After just three weeks, marks on my thighs became lighter and started fading away. It takes only a small amount of cream for each use, so one bottle is more than enough to last for quite a while. I just didn’t like the minty smell so much, but it was so light that I got used to, since I used products with far worse smell. In overall I highly recommend this cream. It does not burn the skin during application, it was helpful, although it didn’t take all the marks, but it made my skin much better looking, and really worth the money, deserving the title one of the best stretch mark creams.

Bio-oil Review


Even though I had striae for a long time, not many things helped me in a fight against them. So, since I heard a lot of stories about Bio-oil, I decided to give it a try. It comes in an environmentally friendly cardboard box and the bottle is from transparent plastic, closed with a cap. Bottle is 4.2 oz and since it is transparent you can see how much of oil you have left. It can be used for moisturizing, against aging skin, uneven skin color tone or just in a fight against stretch marks.

Bio-oil has all the natural ingredients, vitamin A, lavender oil, rosemary oil, vitamin E, chamomile oil and Calendula oil, which makes it one of the most favorite products among future moms. It is suitable for a sensitive skin, since it is very hypo-allergenic and non-comedogenic product. The oil itself is very light and it is not greasy at all, which impressed me, and with herbal fragrance Bio-oil is very pleasant and soothing.

Applying of Bio-oil is simple; just use it twice a day on a clean skin. Rubbing this oil with circular motions gave me the best results, but it can be also mixed with a day or a night cream when applying on a face. It really helped a lot when it comes to removing marks, since it almost made them disappear completely. My skin was softer and nicely toned and dark spots of skin were lightened. It will have variations, depending on how deep and big your marks are, but in the end Bio-oil is very effective. I recommend it to all people who have sensitive and damaged skin, because it will improve the appearance of the skin, making it moisturized, well toned and removing almost all marks from damaged areas.

Mustela Stretch Marks Double Action Review


The last, but not the least on this list is this nourishing treatment which has powerful results when it comes to pregnant women and use of creams before and during the pregnancy. Using Mustela in that period made most of the women stretch marks free, due to the powerful effect of this cream. It comes in the tube of 5 oz and the product makers claim more than 96% chance of not getting any of the ugly marks during the childbearing.

It has silicon, avocado peptides, nourishing oil and Sophora japonica as ingredients, leaving epidermis with no allergic reactions, moisturized and soft. It also has vitamin E and Shea butter as additional ingredients for staying hydrated and the lupin seed extract, to promote collagen production, which is essential in a fight against striae. It is also compatible with breastfeeding, so moms don’t have to worry about any harmful component. With all that on its side, it easily became one of the most used creams among future moms.

Mustela Stretch Marks Double Action has the best impact when it is applied two times a day, in the morning and in the evening, and for me it worked best when I used circular movement to rub it. I was pleasantly surprised when my marks began fading just few weeks after I started the treatment. They didn’t fade away completely, but the difference was visible. Although this cream has best results when applied before and during the pregnancy in my opinion it also has some effect when it is used after pregnancy too. But, when it comes to best creams for stretch marks during pregnancy , this cream is one of the top choices, and that is for sure.

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