Best Dollhouse for 4 Year Old

When you’re a young child, your imagination knows no bounds. It allows you to do and be anything you want to be, and there are so many toys that can help with that. One of the most fun toys for some kids is a dollhouse, especially if they love to play with dolls in the first place or need a place for their dolls to hang out. These toys allow a little one to decorate a house like they want, and get their dolls to do some of the same things that they like to do. Besides that, they are easy to play with, even if there is more than one child that wants to play, and as a youngster grows up. The best part is that many of the top selling items are easy to put together and will last a long time, so they can work for multiple kids and families.


Barbie Dreamhouse

This house comes with 3 floors and 7 rooms and features so many things to do and play with. All of the rooms are decorated, with over 70 extras, like sofas, beds, chairs, and more and the house has all the rooms that are in your house, like a walk-in closet, kitchen, living room, and bathroom, which allows for a lot of imagination. There’s even a pool and a garage. Some of these extras also make sounds, light up, or do other things, so there is a lot of fun to be had with this dollhouse. There is even a working elevator, so your child can feel like they have a real working house. The set is made of sturdy plastic, so you can get a lot of use out of it. Besides that, it is large enough to be able to enjoy all the cool things it comes with.


KidKraft Majestic Mansion Dollhouse

This cool house is made of wood, so it may remind a child of the house that they live in. It has over 30 pieces of furniture that can be moved around, such as clocks, beds, and tables. There are 8 rooms in total that can be decorated however a young one wants and there is an easy to work elevator so a doll can get from floor to floor. There are 4 floors in total, including the attic, which makes this house a cool shape and quite interactive. It has large windows, a garage door that works, and it stands nearly 5 feet tall. The size of it makes it perfect for a child to play by themselves or to play with friends, without them getting into each other’s way. As a bonus, it is easy to put together, even if you aren’t really handy with putting things together.


Fisher-Price Loving Family Dollhouse

This is another sturdy plastic model that is great for even smaller children. It has an open floor plan and it opens up very wide. There are 4 floors and 6 rooms, due to the fact that the rooms are very spacious. A great aspect of this house is that there is a large storage area on the bottom floor. There are also dolls that come with the dollhouse and a lot of other extras too. These include a swing, furniture, a working doorbell, and more. You can also put whatever other accessories you may have in the house, or you can purchase them separately from the manufacturer. People that own this product like that it’s easy to keep clean, but don’t like how you have to purchase the accessories separately. However, the items your child wants for their house will vary depending on their imagination, so they may not need all the different sets.


KidKraft So Chic Dollhouse with Furniture

This wooden house has a rather simple design, which makes it look even cooler. This involves having a pink roof and light wooden floors and walls, which are completely open. This allows for a kid to play with this house at any angle, so there is a lot of room for multiple kids to play. It even comes with many different items to fill up its 10 different rooms, which make up 3 levels or stories to the house. These items are also made of wood or other strong materials, and are large enough so that they don’t really present a choking hazard. This allows for a child to decorate the house however they want, since they can move each piece around as often as they want to. When it comes time to put it away, it shouldn’t be a problem either because it has casters. It is even large enough to use with many different types of dolls.


KidKraft Kayla Dollhouse

This dollhouse is also made of wood, making it quite sturdy and easy to care for, and has 3 fun floors to play with. There is even a large staircase and a patio with a palm tree. Another cool aspect is that the walls have details on them that help indicate what that room should be, in order to help your child decorate it and not be confused. There are also large windows and pieces of furniture to move around, so it will look however your little designer wants it to look. There is a lot of room in between the floors and the furniture is quite large, so it’s great for many different types of dolls, which is a great thing if your child already has a favorite doll that they play with all the time. It is also relatively easy to put together, since the instructions consists of pictures.


Fisher-Price Minnie’s Bow Sweet Home

If your child loves Minnie Mouse, this house is a no brainer. It features Minnie’s ears and bow as the roof of the house and much of the design is purple and pink plastic, which is easy to keep germ-free and will be hard to mess up. The house has 4 floors and 5 rooms to play in and there are extras which any child will enjoy. One of these is a light that makes a fun dance floor, and it even comes with a Minnie to play with, as well as over 15 pieces of furniture to move around. The best part about the product is that it can talk to your child. There is a button on the floor that you can press and Minnie will say different things that are positive. Another great feature is the large winding staircase, as well as the door that really opens and closes.


KidKraft Chelsea Doll Cottage with Furniture

This house has a lot of finishing touches that make it really special. These are things like windows that open and close, numerous pieces of furniture, around 17 useful pieces, and two large staircases. The house itself is 3 stories and has 6 rooms for your little one to decorate. It works great with 5 inch dolls and multiple children have plenty of room to play with this house at the same time. It also is made of sturdy cardboard and wood, so it is easy to put together and can get a lot of use. Besides that, it is over 4 feet tall, so it doesn’t take up as much space as some of the other items out there. You can purchase other items to go with it, or use dolls or furniture that your child already plays with. The walls are decorated with attractive details, which make it even cuter.


KidKraft Disney Frozen Ice Castle Dollhouse

If your child can’t get enough of the movie Frozen, they may also like this dollhouse. It has a great blue and white overall color scheme and it is decorated to look like an ice castle. You can use pretty much any type of doll you want, up to 12 inches and the house comes with 11 pieces of furniture that you can move around and decorate to your specifications. There is a large staircase, art on the walls, and even a balcony on the top floor. The house is broken up into three floors and 4 rooms, some of which have Plexiglas windows, so they look pretty cool too. It is easy to put together and take care of, since it is made of composite wood and plastic. You should be able to wipe down all of the furniture if they get dirty and the item will be able to be utilized for many play dates.

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