Best Tricycle for 1 to 5 Year Old

There’s nothing like learning how to ride a bike. However, you can’t start out on a two-wheeled bike, since it takes a while to grow big enough to be able to sit on one and use it correctly. Then there is the issue of safety. This is why there are other types of bikes, like tricycles. There are so many different types of tricycles available to purchase, so your little guy or girl can wheel around and feel really important. Some of them are made for you to push your little rider, while others allow them to do all the work themselves. Furthermore, there are types that change to adapt to your growing child and what they are able to do. Keep reading for information on some of the cutest tricycles you’ve ever seen and details on how they work. You may even find yourself a little mad that they don’t make them for adults.


SmarTrike Smartfold 500 Folding Baby Tricycle

Suitable for ages: 9 months-3 years

This option looks a lot like a stroller, which is a good thing since you might want to use it instead of a stroller once your child is old enough. It can transform 7 different ways, and 6 of those are different trike configurations, leaving you many specifications to choose from. The other thing it does well is folds up, making it a breeze to store and put in your car. One of the coolest features is the control button that is on the front wheel. It allows you to decide who can control the machine. The little wheels have shock absorbers on them, so the ride should not be too shaky, and it will always stay comfortable for the little riders. One thing that is missing is cup holders, which may be a deal breaker for some.


  • Includes a control button
  • Wheels have shock absorbers
  • Looks like a stroller
  • Easy to store


  • No cup holders


4-in-1 Stroll ‘N Trike

Suitable for ages: 9 months-5 years

As the name implies, this tricycle does 4 different jobs, which you can change as your child learns how to ride a bike. This one can be an infant, steering, learn-to-ride, and a classic trike. As an infant seat, it has a canopy, which has UV protection, and a 3-point harness to keep a baby safe. As a steering trike, it has these things as well, but the seat can be adjusted and a child should be able to reach the pedals. As a learn-to-ride seat, you can remove the canopy and harness and there is a large handle to help push your child if you need to. Finally, as a regular tricycle, you can remove all of the extras and still have a classic red tricycle that your toddler can ride all around your house. The product also has a storage bin in the back for all your essentials.


  • Canopy has UV protection
  • Features 3 point harness
  • Adjustable seat


  • Pedals aren’t adjustable


Fisher-Price Rock, Roll ‘n Ride Trike

Suitable for ages: 18 months-5 years

This plastic tricycle is so sturdy that even the rowdiest child shouldn’t be able to damage it. This one does 3 separate jobs, which can be changed as your child grows and has better motor skills. For the smallest of kids, there is a rail that goes on the bottom that allows it to work like a rocking chair. Phase 2 includes the rail converting into a handle, which parents can use to help push their kids. Finally, the third stage is just like a regular tricycle, so a kid can use the pedals and get moving. This one is red and purple, so it is great for boys or girls, and it is easy to move between the phases, as your kid gets bigger. It can be used from 18 months to about 5 years of age, and the weight limit is around 50 pounds, so you can get a lot of use out of this item. This one doesn’t have a harness, so you may want to pay close attention to the little ones when they use it.


  • Sturdy construction
  • Can use for years to come
  • Easy to switch between phases


  • Doesn’t have a harness


Schwinn Roadster Tricycle

Suitable for ages: 18 months-4 years

This all-metal tricycle is bright pink and has silver and black accents, so it will be a great hit with little girls. It even comes with black streamers and a bell, which no tricycle should be without. It promises a lifetime warranty that can’t be beat. The design incorporates a 12-inch tire in the front and two 8-inch tires in the back, so that the ride is as smooth as possible. The seat and the handles are adjustable, so they can move around a bit as your child goes through growth spurts. Other finishing touches include chrome fenders and a wooden deck in the back. It can be used from ages 3 to 6 and for up to around 60 pounds, so it can be your daughter’s favorite toy for a few years. Since it comes with a good warranty, you can even use it for more than one child if you want.


  • Can adjust handles
  • Has a wooden deck
  • Offers a smooth ride


  • Might have trouble with tires


Joovy Tricycoo Tricycle

Suitable for ages: 18 months-4 years

This cool bike comes in two colors: green and orange, so there are a couple to choose from. It is made of strong plastic as well as metal and can do 2 different jobs, depending on the age and size of your child. You can start using it as early as 18 months and until your child is 44 pounds. It can provide a seat, handy foot rests for the youngest children that need to be pushed, and you can remove the long parent’s handle when the child no longer needs help. Other cool features are the option to lock or unlock the pedals, and the ability to adjust the handle. Another really useful thing is that the wheels are quiet and can roll on just about any type of floor you can think of. There’s also a bell and a storage area in the back for toys, snacks, or anything else they may need.


  • Removable handle
  • Wheels are quiet
  • Can lock pedals


  • May tip over when steering


Radio Flyer Scoot-About

Suitable for ages: 1-3 years

This cool bike is reminiscent of the bright red tricycles that you may have seen or had when you were a child, complete with a bell and streamers. It is made of plastic, but has a steel frame, so a child can use it inside or outside. It is constructed so that the front will bounce off things like walls without hurting the rider or your wall, which is something you can really appreciate. What makes this one even more different is that it has 4 wheels, for added stability and steering. The seat can be adjusted to the height of your child and they can use it starting at 1 year of age. It doesn’t have pedals, so it is specifically for smaller kids that can just walk around and use it. This may also help them know how to ride a tricycle or bicycle when the time comes.


  • Sturdy front bumper
  • Uses 4 wheels
  • Good learning tool
  • Strong steel frame


  • Doesn’t have pedals


Fly Bike Foldable Indoor/Outdoor Tricycle

Suitable for ages: 1-4 years

This is another model that does not have pedals, and this one looks really cool. It is red, black, and silver, and is lightweight enough for even a small child to be able to use. It can also fold up, so you can put it in your car if you want to take it on a trip or to grandma’s house. The seat is large enough for any sized bottom and is said to be comfortable to use too. It is especially designed to allow the child to use it by themselves, so they can feel like they can do something on their own without mom or dad’s help. This is a great thing, and will help build self-confidence. Some people reported that this might not be great for children that are larger, since the item is quite small, so look at the measurements before you purchase it if you have a tall child.


  • Don’t have to assemble
  • Folds up
  • Comfortable seat


  • Not good for larger kids


Radio Flyer All-Terrain Stroll ‘N Trike Ride On

Suitable for ages: 9 months-5 years

If you have ever seen a Radio Flyer trike, this one has some of the same features as others. This includes the 3-point harness, the canopy, and the overall design. The difference is the rugged tires, which actually contain air. You are able to ride on different terrains with these wheels, and you will not have any problems. It is not hard to put together, even if you aren’t that mechanically inclined, as it should take less than one hour. Parents and kids can steer at the same time, but you will want to pay attention, so you don’t go off course. It will keep looking good, even if it is kept outside and there are no parts that can get really dirty. One con is that there isn’t a shelf for kid’s feet. This may be a problem for small kids that can’t reach the pedals, but will become less of an issue as baby grows.


  • Rugged tires
  • Easy to put together
  • Both parents and kids can steer


  • No shelf for children’s feet


Little Tikes Perfect Fit 4-in-1 Trike

Suitable for ages: 9 months-5 years

Don’t worry if you need to take important items with you when you walk with your little one, as this one has room for everyone to keep their drinks. There is even room for a diaper bag in the rear. The seat has a high back, so you know there will be plenty support, no matter what age or size your kid is. The seat has a 5-point harness, allowing you to be sure that the rider isn’t going anywhere, even if you are traveling on rocky terrain. It also has a large footrest, so that they have a place to support their feet in the stages before they can reach the pedals. It is teal in color, so it will stand out when you use it. You will have to be careful with the trays when you turn, if you don’t want your drink to go flying.


  • Storage areas for parents
  • Has high back seat
  • Features a large footrest


  • Items in trays may fall out


Costzon 4-in-1 Kids Tricycle

Suitable for ages: 10 months-5 years

There are blue and pink options when it comes to this one, so you can choose based on baby’s preferences. You will notice there are a few little extras on this one, which may not be absolutely necessary, but are certainly useful. One added feature is the bell on the handlebars, and another is the built in armrests. Furthermore, there are brakes on the back tires, an adjustable backrest, and a retractable foot area. The foot area is for use before a kid can reach the real pedals, and can be folded back up whenever they are no longer useful. If you need to bring your purse during outings, there is a basket in the back for valuables. One thing to keep in mind is that the seat doesn’t move. However, since it is designed to feel comfortable to a child’s back anyway, this shouldn’t be much of an issue, even if they fall asleep while being pushed.


  • Comes in blue or pink
  • Has a bell on handle
  • Built in armrests
  • Brake on back tires


  • Seat doesn’t move


Schwinn Easy Steer Tricycle

Suitable for ages: 12 months-3 years

This Schwinn trike looks exactly like a regular tricycle but has many updated attributes. One is that there is a backpack on the back of the seat. This is a great place for snacks, a blanket, or even a tablet to watch, once you make it to where you’re going. Additionally, there is a basket on the front and a bin in the back. All of these things equate to a lot of storage space. The bin at the rear can be dumped out, making it ideal for toys, and is fun for a child to use. There is a heavy-duty frame to support it, which is painted white, so it offers a great contrast to the rest of the design. You can purchase this one in a few colors, but the red and white option looks very retro and familiar. Take your time when fastening the seat belt and taking it off, as it might give you a hard time.


  • Backpack on back of seat
  • Has basket on front
  • Special bin for toys
  • Heavy duty frame


  • Seatbelt is hard to use

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