Best Gardening Toys for Toddlers and Kids

There’s nothing like going outside to play. You can get fresh air and enjoy the elements too. If your little ones like to play outdoor or watch you do chores, there are special toys you can get them, which are designed for using outside. Many types will provide great pretend playtime, and some can also be effectively used as well. Here is a look at some of the most popular outdoor toys for girls and boys. Check them out to see which ones your kids may want.


Little Tikes Gas ‘n Go Mower

If you child likes to pretend to do chores like mom or dad, you may want to get them this play mower to enjoy. It makes different sounds and also has a cord to pull, just like the real thing. It comes with a gas can and a throttle that moves as well. There are quite a few tactile features to this one, since it makes clicking and popping sounds, and there are knobs to turn. It is well suited for a boy or girl who is 18 months or older.


  • Easy to put together
  • Holds up well
  • Good for toddlers and young kids


  • Hard to push through grass
  • Sounds aren’t realistic

My Fairy Garden – Tree Hollow

If you have a little princess that likes to work in your garden with you, she may want this outdoor garden. With this playset, you can really grow plants, and there is also a fairy to play with. The set is shaped like the fairy’s house, complete with accessories. It also comes with many types of seeds to try, which are organic. All of the instructions you need are included, as well as mini gardening tools, and it isn’t hard for kids to grow the plants themselves.


  • Easy to keep using
  • Can sprout quickly
  • Will work with all types of seeds


  • May leak water
  • Might need extra soil

Lydaz Bubble Mower for Toddlers

This is another type of toy mower for kids. Instead of concentrating on being realistic, this one blows bubbles when you push it. However, it does make realistic sounds, which may make it even more fun for your child. Putting it together is not a problem and there is a small screwdriver, which makes it easier to put batteries into. It will hold up well, even with multiple users, and you can take the handle off, if you need to put it inside or place it in a closet.


  • Has powerful fan to make bubbles
  • Doesn’t leak
  • Works on grass


  • Doesn’t come with batteries
  • Plastic isn’t as thick as some other toys

GILI Flower Garden

This set features flowers that will never die. It is a set with snap together pieces that allow your child to make the flowers look however they want. The pieces are very colorful and easy to use, and they will be able to make a whole bouquet’s worth of flowers to play with. It even comes with a carrying case to put all the parts into, so you won’t lose any of them. This will make it easier to play with outside or inside. It’s a great tool for improving hand eye coordination and you can see how creative your child is as well.


  • BPA free plastic
  • Easy to keep clean


  • Has small pieces


Husqvarna Kids Plastic Toy Chainsaw

You would never let your kid touch a real chainsaw, so it is great that you can get them one that is safe for them to play with. It looks just like a real working chainsaw from this brand, and is in their signature orange color. Moreover, it makes genuine sounds, and the chain rotates as well. It will allow a young one to pretend to cut whatever they want around the house, which will likely keep them entertained for hours.


  • Looks realistic
  • Well made
  • Plenty of sounds and movement


  • No pull cord


G&F Products Garden Tool Set

This garden tool set is designed to help kids learn how to work outside or in the garden. It features a set of gardening tools, which actually work, so they aren’t just for playing. It includes a rake, leaf rake, shovel, and hoe. Each of them is made of metal and wood, so it will be durable and simple to use. Each tool is also a different bright color. They all have sturdy handles and can be used in many different situations.


  • Allows kids to help with chores
  • Durable construction
  • No fuss assembly


  • May be too short for taller kids


INNOCHEER Kids Gardening Tools

If you are looking for a complete gardening kit for your son or daughter, this is something that you may want to try. It has 18 pieces, including a smock, kid-sized gardening tools, and pots to plant seeds in. There are even gloves so little hands don’t get dirty. The idea is that they are able to plant seeds by themselves and watch them grow. They will be able to label what the plants are too, since the kit also includes tags for plant names.


  • Good STEM toy
  • No sharp edges


  • Has many parts to keep track of


Green Toys Watering Can

Here is another cute set you may want to get for your curious toddler. If you are trying to teach them how to garden or water plants, it can be a good learning resource. It is simple and features a plastic watering can, a small shovel, and a rake. They can use it for pretending, or they can use it to dig in the soil. You are able to purchase it in red or green, depending on what color you prefer. The best parts are that it is free from harmful chemicals and is easy to keep clean.


  • Made of recycled plastic
  • Dishwasher safe


  • Must be careful with handle


Melissa & Doug Sunny Patch Pretty Petals Gardening Tote Set

This is a colorful tote bag, which will allow small hands to help you out when gardening. It comes with a spray bottle, shovel, and rake, which can be used to dig through dirt or for make believe. Each part is made of strong plastic, which is easy to disinfect and clean. There are other sets with more parts, but this one is great to start with, if you need to see how interesting it is for your tyke.


  • Tote is reusable
  • Tools will work
  • Simple to disinfect


  • May want additional accessories


Born Toys Kids Gardening Set

The Born Kids set is the most complete gardening set on this list. It comes with a hat, apron, gloves, tools, and a spray bottle. There are pockets on the apron, which will hold all the parts, and there is a carrying case, so you won’t lose a piece of the set. This would be good not only for playing and learning how to garden, but can also be used for dress up. The tools are metal and wood, allowing your child to mimic what you are doing. The set is suited for both boys and girls, so you can get it for any interested child ages 3 and up.


  • Good for boys or girls
  • Comes with carry bag
  • Has money back guarantee


  • May want to hand wash items

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