Best JPMA Certified Bassinet


Bassinets are designed to be used for babies that are newborns and unable to make a lot of different movements. They can’t sit up or move around on their own very well, so they need a special place to sleep. This allows you to keep an eye on them. This also helps you feel better, knowing that your child is safe at all times.

It becomes especially useful for moms when they are on a strict feeding schedule and need to wake baby up to feed them every few hours. Many models have features that make picking your infant up easy, as well as features that help lull them back to sleep. Other models are able to be moved around from room to room, or are highly portable, so you can use them wherever you are. It is up to you to figure out what is best for your needs and what your baby likes.

Each of the products listed here have a JPMA certification. That means they’ve gone through rigorous testing to ensure that they are safe for children to sleep in. You may not think this means much, but it really does because bassinets are only designed to be used for the first few months of a child’s life. This is a time when they are very small and vulnerable, so they’ll need a great amount of protection. Any of these items can give your child that protection, and have many positives to speak of. The negatives are also mentioned, so you can make an informed decision that you’ll feel comfortable with.


Delta Children Rocking Bassinet

This bassinet comes with a mobile for your child to look at while they are lying down. It also has a base that is able to rock and there is a large storage basket underneath. This means there is room for baby’s essentials underneath it, like blankets, outfits, and other items.

The colors are designed to be gender neutral, so you don’t have to worry about if it is appropriate for a boy or girl, as it will work with both. Additionally, you can move it easily from place to place in your house, and the wheels lock if you need it to stay put. There are also replacement parts you can get for this item, if you ever need them. This makes it a good deal, since you won’t have to throw it away if a part of it breaks.

On the flip side, some users reported that they felt that the mattress was too thin and the wheels may squeak when you’re moving the product. This can be easily remedied by purchasing a thicker mattress, if you wish to and leaving the bassinet in the best place for it in your house. Many people leave them right beside their bed, so it is easy to access and use. It was also reported that the bassinet itself works as promised, is not hard to put together, holds up well, and is easy to use. The fact that it can play music and sounds is a bonus. People also love that there are additional storage pockets and that it is so cute and well made.


  • Comes with mobile
  • Has a storage basket underneath
  • Can get replacement parts
  • Can order accessories separately
  • Gender neutral color
  • Easily moves from place to place


  • Comes with a thin mattress
  • Wheels may squeak


Fisher-Price Rock ‘n Play Portable Bassinet

This bassinet is designed to be extremely portable and it is. It doesn’t weigh a lot, so you can take it with you wherever you go. This includes going from room to room in your house, when you go visit family members, and even when you find yourself staying in a hotel. The product doesn’t have wheels, but you can rock it simply by touching it.

Other notable features include the fact that it’s easy to clean, comes with a rattle and mirror for baby to play with, and can be folded down flat, when you need to store it. That means you don’t have to worry about it taking up a lot of space when you aren’t using it, or when your baby doesn’t need it anymore.

It can be used next to most beds, and puts a baby into a flat and elevated position, which is good for them when they are very small. The item is also very easy to clean and comes with a removable pad.

Of course, it isn’t all good news. Some people feel that the mattress wasn’t good enough but couldn’t buy another one because they didn’t fit this bassinet. There was also a problem with the pad staining. To solve both of these problems, you may want to get a good sheet to put over the pad, so that it can offer a bit more comfort and can be washed, so the pad doesn’t stain. The portability of this one makes it a great product to have, especially if you plan to use it for multiple babies.


  • Highly portable
  • Can gently rock
  • Easy to store when you aren’t using it
  • Comes with a rattle
  • Easy to clean
  • Puts baby in a flat and elevated position


  • No other bassinet mattress fit this item
  • Pad may stain


Graco Dream Suite Bassinet

This cute device has it all. It has a classic bassinet design to keep your newborn safe and able to sleep beside you in their own bed, but it also can be used as a changing table. All you have to do is press a button and turn the top of the item over to find the changing table to use. This means you can use the product past the time the baby will be able to use the bassinet, which means it could be in your family for quite a while.

The product can also vibrate to help a child get to sleep, and has mesh sides, which allow for proper air flow. The mesh sides also allow you to keep an eye on your child at all times. Besides that, this one has a shade to keep the light out of an infant’s eyes and also comes with a large storage basket underneath, so you can store anything that you’ll need to keep your child comfortable while they are using this bed.

It has heavy-duty wheels, so you can move it easily around your house and is constructed of plastic that is also quite sturdy. This helps give you peace of mind that you aren’t placing your child in something that can fall apart or fail at any moment.

One downside is that the instructions aren’t really clear. However, when you are putting this machine together, it isn’t really difficult, so you may not even need the instructions.


  • Can vibrate
  • Is also a changing table
  • Has a shade
  • Wheels can lock and unlock
  • Has mesh sides
  • Has large storage basket


  • May have a problem with instructions


HALO Bassinest Swivel Sleeper Bassinet Premiere

This bassinet is a unique design, which is also rather versatile. It is able to rotate 360 degrees, so you can get it into the correct angle beside your bed. This allows for you to have easy access to your baby at all times. It can be adjusted to the height of your bed and the legs can even slide underneath it, so your newborn is that much closer to you.

Moreover, the side is on a spring, so you’re able to move it down a bit to have better access to pick your child up. There are mesh sides and a smooth matte finish on the durable metal legs. It also comes with the ability to vibrate, tell you when it’s time to nurse, play sound and music, and it has a nightlight. These functions will auto-shutoff so you don’t have to worry about them, if you forget they are on. You can even get this product in more than one style to fit your tastes.

Some parents didn’t care for the mattress and decided to purchase what they felt were more comfortable or better ones. They also said this one is hard to move around your house because it is heavy and bulky. This won’t be a problem if it tucks securely next to your bed because you can always swivel it where you need it to go. You might have to get a different model if you need to be able to move it easily throughout your home though.


  • Can rotate 360 degrees
  • At an average bed level
  • Has a nightlight
  • Can play sounds and music
  • Vibrates
  • Has automatic shutoff
  • Integrated nursing timer


  • Hard to move from room to room, especially for C-section moms
  • Thin mattress


Kolcraft Cuddle ‘N Care 2-In-1 Bassinet and Incline Sleeper

This product is a bassinet and is also an incline sleeper. An incline sleeper is great for babies that are just a few weeks old. It allows your child to sleep on a bit of an incline, which helps prevent reflux and colic that often make it harder for the baby to sleep comfortably. If your baby has these problems, you can use this as an incline sleeper, but you can then adjust it to be a regular bassinet when you don’t need an incline anymore. It has straps to keep the baby in the right place and has the ability to play sounds and music. There is also a nightlight and mobile, to keep your child entertained and from being scared.

This product is easy to use and comes with a sheet that fits the bassinet just right. The colors are beige and green, so it is great for any baby to use. Other than that, there is also a large storage area underneath the bassinet for your child’s belongings, and the wheels make it able to be moved around from room to room. The wheels can also be taken off, so you’re able to use it as a gentle rocker for your little guy or girl.

Some people that purchased this product thought that the plastic wasn’t strong enough. They also commented on the directions being confusing. However, there were no reports of any breakages or anything that can hurt a baby, so that may be more of an opinion thing. Furthermore, there aren’t too many pieces to put together on this item.


  • Regular and incline design features, which are interchangeable
  • Has lights, sounds, and music
  • Comes with a mobile and storage basket
  • Keeps baby in place
  • Easy to use
  • Comes with a sheet


  • Instructions are confusing
  • May not feel sturdy enough


Summer Infant Soothe & Sleep Bassinet with Motion

This bassinet is very pink and sweet. The exterior has beautiful flowers embroidered on much of the outside cover and the interior is quilted, making this product look rather cozy. There is a large basket underneath to store anything you need, and there are wheels which can help you move this bed throughout your house if you need to.

The wheels are also able to lock in place for extra security, when you need to stay put. There is a large canopy, which is fully adjustable and this product can play music or sounds to keep baby entertained and help them get to sleep without much trouble. A sheet for the mattress is included and the mattress itself should keep your little darling comfortable when she’s inside it. It is easy to put together and has a design that is unlike many other products out there.

Most people love this bassinet and there weren’t any widespread complaints. Since it is pink, it is not good to use with a boy, but it is perfect for your princess to use whenever she is small enough to fit inside. Between the vibration setting and the proper padding inside, there shouldn’t be any problems with getting your newborn to go to sleep in this item and making sure that she is as comfortable as can be. Some users said they were also able to use this as a diaper changing table and to dress and undress their children, so it can even be used when your child is able to move around too much to sleep in it.


  • Quilted interior
  • Has a large storage basket
  • Plays sounds and music
  • Wheels can lock
  • Embroidered design
  • Has canopy that is adjustable


  • Is designed for baby girls
  • May need a thicker mattress


UPPAbaby Bassinet

This is a must have if you already love UPPAbaby products or have other products made by them. This bassinet is basically a bed for baby that is able to be utilized indoors or outdoors. For outdoor use, you will need the stroller base, which is sold separately. It fits into Cruz and Vista bases, if you already are a fan of their products. The canopy on this item is also a sun shade, complete with UV protection, so you do not have to fret one bit if you take your little baby outside with this one.

For indoor use, you will need a mattress cover and a stand, which are also sold separately. You can adjust the canopy and the product is lightweight enough so it won’t be any extra trouble to move it when you need to use it. The mattress is safe enough to be used for overnight sleeping, so don’t worry about if your child is sleeping in it at nighttime, or just taking naps during the day. This item is perfect for running errands, going to visit relatives, or just being at home.

At the same time, this item can’t be used by itself, since you have to be purchase other items to make it work as a stroller or a bassinet. This can save you money however, and this product is made well. It is completely black in color, so it can be used with any baby and is quite fashionable. You won’t be embarrassed to be seen in public with it or if it is your child’s indoor bed.


  • Allows baby to lie flat
  • Can use inside or outside
  • Sun shade protects from UV
  • Adjustable canopy
  • Can use as a stroller or bassinet if you purchase additional parts
  • Lightweight
  • Great for those who already have UPPAbaby products


  • Needs additional parts to use as a bassinet in your home

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