Best Kids Wagon with Canopy

Do you remember having a wagon when you were a child? If you enjoyed riding in one, there is a good chance that your child will too. There are so many types to choose from nowadays that you may have a hard time deciding which one to get. They often have so many features, including some you didn’t even know you wanted. A number of the best models have canopies too, so wind and sun are no problem.

Besides that, wagons offer you a place to put your child, where they will be safe, and you can pull them around, take them places, or even allow them to play and relax. You can also carry a lot of gear and they are beneficial if you have multiple children as well. Keep reading for a look at some of the best kids wagons with a canopy out there.


Radio Flyer Ultimate Family Wagon

The seats for this wagon are able to fold five different ways, which allows you to have so many options for using it. The most common way would be to have 2 kids seats, but if you only have one child, you can use part of the interior for storing things, or there is an activity table, so your kid can finger paint or eat lunch. There is a place for drinks for littles and adults too.

The wheels have treads on them, meaning they will work well many times and on multiple surfaces. They are also designed to move properly at all times; you will not have to jerk it around to go where you want it to go. It even keeps it from tipping over.

The wagon part doesn’t fold down to store, but the canopy is completely detachable. This aspect may be a pain if you have to take it to the zoo or something, but if you can store it at your house and just pull it to the park or nearby, it should be just fine.


Radio Flyer 3-in-1 EZ Folding Wagon with Canopy

This wagon is as easy to use as it is to store. It can be used 3 different ways. One way is with the canopy, one is without the canopy, and the third is by unzipping the side and using it like bench seating. Other features include 2 cupholders, and tires that won’t make a lot of noise. There is enough room for 2 kids.

What makes it easy to store is that it folds up small and you only have to use one hand to fold it. The canopy can be removed, folds up, and there is a storage pocket this fits it perfectly. The bars that hold it up can be pushed down and you can place it right in your trunk or closet, where it’s always handy.


Step2 All Around Canopy Wagon

If you want something that is easy to keep clean, this wagon is made of strong plastic, which you can just wipe clean or rinse out if you need to. It has many places to store stuff, even when kiddos are inside. There is a space for snacks on the inside, as well as drink holders, and a larger space at the rear of the wagon. You can keep the seats up, so the kids have a backrest, or you can put them down, allowing even more storage for toys.

There are belts to hold the little ones in place and there is an easy to open door, for when they need to get in or out of the wagon. The canopy can be taken off when you don’t want to use it too.

You may have trouble putting this one together, but after you do, there shouldn’t be any problems with it staying together. It should also stay looking great for years.


Radio Flyer Deluxe All-Terrain Family Wagon Ride On

You can take this Radio Flyer anywhere, since it has all terrain wheels. It would be equally perfect for a day on the beach or a day at the park. The canopy has UV protection, so it will work great on even the sunniest of days. The fold down handle makes it easy to pull or store.

There are many options when it comes to seats or what you want to use the wagon for, including different seating options, or for carrying toys and other cargo. It includes 4 cup holders and there are seatbelts, like in other models.

You can start using this one with your baby as early as 18 months and up. Furthermore, since there are many configurations, you can keep using it for a long time, until your kiddos grow out of it.


Radio Flyer Ultimate EZ Folding Wagon

If you like rolling your luggage around, this is a wagon you will love. It folds up easy for storage, and it still rolls whenever it is folded up. You won’t have to carry it to your car, which certainly helps if you parked far away. To fold it up, all you have to do is pull the handle at the bottom of the wagon. It’s a simple step that only takes one hand. This may remind you of how a playpen folds up, as it is quite similar. It becomes small enough for virtually anywhere you need to put it.

Moreover, it features comfortable seating for two and the sides are made of canvas material, which can be wiped off if you have a spill.

Like other Radio Flyer models, it has quiet tires and the canopy can be taken off and only used when you want to. You can carry around 120 pounds in this one as well, so it can hold a lot of stuff, or two kids and their most essential toys.


Little Tykes Deluxe Ride and Relax Wagon

The canopy on this one looks more like a beach umbrella, so it’s rather distinctive. It is adjustable, meaning you can put it at whatever level you prefer. The wagon itself is made to offer support to two passengers, but can hold more people when it is stationary. You can pull one side up to make a larger bench seat, which works like an outdoor couch.

Another unique thing is the cooler that it comes with, which is attached to the side. The weight capacity is over 200 pounds, so it can help you out with yard work too, when your kids aren’t using it.

It is important that you read the directions when it comes to putting it together though, as you might have trouble.


Step2 Canopy Cruise Wagon

This simple wagon has less of a flashy design that some of the others out there. It comes with a red canopy and the base is blue. There are seats for two, as well as seatbelts, and there’s even plenty of foot room for your babies.

The front wheels have a good turning radius and there are holes in the bottom of the wagon, so you can rinse it with the hose if it gets sandy or dirty.

You are able to store the handle underneath the wagon when you need to put it in your trunk, so it folds up securely. It is still rather big though, so you may want to pay attention to the measurements before you buy it.


Hauck Eco Wagon

The steel tube construction could make this one the most sturdy one on the list. It has fabric sides, which you can wash by hand if the need arises. The style is in neutral colors, so it looks trendy and fun.

It is easy to fold and the canopy is shaped like a u, which gives it a special design. The wheels have bearings in them, and they are cased in rubber. This gives you a smooth ride and the ability to roll wherever you wish.

The wheels also have a lock on them, so the wagon will be secure when you wish for it to stay put.

One thing that it is missing is seatbelts, so you may want to use this on with children that are old enough to sit up by themselves.


Step 2 Canopy Wagon

With this product, the canopy is made of plastic, like the rest of it. This concept is rather cool, and lets you know that the top is just as sturdy as the base. There will not be any chance of it blowing off or becoming easily damaged.

Just like most, there is room for two little ones and underneath one seat is a place for extra snacks or diapers. On the top of the canopy, you can place valuables, and there are drink holders there as well.

Since it is all plastic, it will be easy to keep clean, but you should keep it out of the sun when you aren’t using it. This can lead to damage.

Its weight capacity is less than others, at around 75 pounds are, so it will work best with smaller kids, or if you just need to cart around one at a time.

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