Best Lightweight Stroller Reviews


Lightweight strollers are easy to take from place to place and use indoors. You no longer have to worry about heavy strollers that are hard to push and even harder to put into your car when you are done using them. You can simply purchase a lightweight stroller, which is also called an umbrella stroller, due to the fact that it can be folded and unfolded in a way that resembles a traditional umbrella. This offers great mobility because it is lightweight, and you can take it with you wherever you want to go and not break your back. Additionally, there are other features to look for when you are shopping around for this type of stroller. You want to make sure that it is comfortable enough for your little one, can be steered easily, and that it has adequate safety features. These features range from item to item, but many have standard features that keep children safe and buckled in when they are riding in the strollers. Here are some of the top lightweight strollers you can buy, as well as an explanation of the features, notes about the good things, and drawbacks of each one.


Mountain Buggy Nano

The Mountain Buggy Nano looks stylish and is available in three different colors. You can attach a car seat to it, so it is very convenient if your model fits. You can just snap it in place, and you’ll know your stroller has all the same safety features as your car seat. Besides that, it only weighs 13 pounds and can be folded up and taken on an airplane. It even comes with a carrying case, complete with a handy strap, to keep it protected whenever you are carrying it on a plane.

It also has a few more features that make it exciting. For example, it has EVA heavy duty wheels that handle different types of terrain well, so you don’t have to worry about not being able to control it, and the front wheels are easy to hop onto curbs, so you won’t have to hurt yourself trying to pick the whole stroller up to get on pavement or a sidewalk. There is a large shade that can extend over a baby’s body, so they can be protected from the sun and wind while they are seated comfortably in this product. Users love that it folds up with ease, and that it adapts to fit your regular car seat. One downside is that the model does not have any cup holders or areas for you to keep things that you need. Of course, this is an easy fix, as there are organizers you can buy for strollers, so you can have all the essentials in one place.


Maclaren Triumph

The Maclaren Triumph is really chic and fancy, and it comes in 5 different colors including black, green, and red. The item itself only weighs around 11 pounds, but it can accommodate up to 55 pounds, meaning it will take a while for your child to outgrow this stroller. One of the coolest features of this one is that it has a sun protective shade and visor that protects a child from UV rays when they are inside of it. This is great for parents that like to go out on sunny days or take their children on their daily walks or runs. Additionally, the seat can be used in different positions and you can take out the seat and wash it when it gets dirty or if there is some sort of accident.

When you purchase this product, you also get a rain cover and a lifetime warranty. This lets you know that you are buying something that is made well and will last a long time. People that use the product like that it folds up nicely and how the extra features work. The sunshade extends a great deal, offering a great amount of protection for baby, which means they won’t have to be slathered in sunscreen every time they go outside in this stroller. At the same time, it is hard to change the seat positions, so you may want to practice the different settings a little bit before you use this one for the first time.


Recaro Easylife

The Recaro Easylife weighs less than 13 pounds and comes in three colors. It is easy to fold up and use, as it has a button on the handle designed to help you fold it up with just one hand. It has a full screen to put down to protect your baby, which is resistant to UV rays and water, so in essence, it is good for different types of weather. While you don’t want to be out in a rainstorm with this item, it there was light rain, you wouldn’t have to worry about it getting on your child’s head. The sides are mesh, so you can see what is going on and there won’t be any overheating. Besides that, it has plenty of storage space for the parents, and even a cup holder.

The seat can recline for nap time and can accommodate children up to 50 pounds. There is even an adapter you can buy for this stroller if you have a newborn, to make sure they can use it safely. As it is, it has a 5 point harness, so your little package is safe when you use this on the street. People that have purchased the item agree that it is handy and easy to fold up and store. However, some older people may have trouble folding it up despite the one hand process. If that is the case, you may want to make sure yours is working properly. It shouldn’t be hard at all to close up and put right back in your car or store somewhere.


Britax B-Ready

The Britax B Ready can be used with different Britax products, such as car seats and bassinets, which is a bonus if you already have one. It also can be converted to be used if you have more than one child. This differs from many other strollers in the fact that you can use it for 2 children at once and they don’t have to be the same age group. For instance, you may have a toddler at the bottom of the stroller and a newborn at the top. This stroller has no problem with that configuration and can save you money because you won’t need two different products. Britax is known for making quality products, and this one is well made to that standard as well.

Furthermore, the item has durable tires and can be steered rather easily, even though it is a little bit heavier than other strollers. The handle can be adjusted to different lengths, can fold up easily when you need to put it away, and there is a 5 point harness seat for maximum safety. For the parents, there are also storage spaces and a cup holder, and there are easy ways to see what is going on in the stroller without having to walk in front of it. People that have purchased the product love it and report using it for years and for more than one of their kids. They have virtually no problems with the gadget and recommend them if you want to invest in something that will last.


Joovy Caboose

The Joovy Caboose does nearly anything you can think of. For example, like most ultralight strollers, it has a large shade to keep baby out of the sun, as well as sturdy wheels to get from place to place. This makes it easy to drive and great for family vacations or weekend outings, no matter where you are going.
Something that is different, however, is that this one is also designed with the baby’s siblings in mind. There is a stand up bar at the back of the stroller, so a larger child, like a toddler, can decide if they want to stand up while being pushed or sit down. It gives you the independence to keep all your children safe, while letting even your older children feel autonomous as well.

The item also has storage areas and can accommodate many different car seat models on the market for the most safety. For a larger baby, you can also recline the seat into different angles, so the little guy is always comfortable. It even has an easy folding mechanism, so you can fold it down and store it rather quickly. Most customers of the product have no problems with it and recommend it if you have multiple kids in your family. It is easy to push and use no matter what age you are, and it comes in stylish colors like red, black, and yellow. It will definitely turn heads when you use this one, and it can accommodate all the kids in your family, which makes your life easier.

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