Best Panty Girdle After Delivery

We have all been there, that dreaded baby belly after having our lovely child or children. The belly that is so hard to get rid of, yet we try hard as we might, to do so anyway. Using tummy control panties, diets and whatever else we have been told may work. But what pair of panties actually holds things in without bunching, binding, pinching, and squeezing you to death during the day making you feel as if you were in medieval times with a corset on.

It is not easy to find a piece of underwear that doesn’t make you feel that way nowadays. Searching far and wide we have come up with five pieces of shapewear that will help to pull in those things you do not want hanging out. These wonderful items help to shape, tuck and trim the belly, thighs, hips and even lift the rear; all the trouble spots us ladies seem to have a problem getting in line. Each one of these items has its own unique features that help to lift, and tuck things into place. Each is designed for just the exact same reason to make us look good and isn’t that what we want? To look good? Looking good without being uncomfortable is a plus and with these little gems, that is just what we can do. Below are five panty girdles that will help us to look amazing when we can’t quite get things to go where we want them to:

Maidenform® Women’s Shapewear Minimizing Hi-Waist Boy Short


This hi-waist boy short is great for trimming your tummy and helping to cinch in your waist a bit. It has a great many features and comes in either black and tan. This shapewear will not give you constant reminders that it is there, no tugging and yanking. For a great tummy, tucking solution try Maidenform’s Hi-Waist Boy Short.

  • Targeted tummy control for your tummy and waistline
  • Helps to remove bumps and bulges for a smooth yet sleek look
  • Helps you to button those previously un-buttonable jeans
  • Boy short design gives greater flexibility
  • Made from a soft microfiber fabric that draws moisture from your body
  • 100% cotton inner lining

All of these features will help you to feel like you have just had a beauty makeover for your midsection. Trimming and slimming your tummy and waist to a sleeker, slimmer looking you.

Maidenform® Firm Control Hi-Waist Brief


Maidenform® makes some great shapewear and this hi-waist brief is no exception. It is hand washable, gives firm control, comes in black, latte(tan) and white. If you are looking for an hourglass figure, this brief will work your body in all angles to give it to you.

  • Helps to give you an hourglass figure
  • Curvier silhouette through a fabric that removes bumps and bulges
  • The hi-waist helps you look sexy from every angle beneath your clothes
  • Two-ply mesh liner and a silicon elastic waistband. help prevent roll down

This little gem will give you a curvier appeal than most underwear pieces of this type. If you need a bit more curves here and there or want to enhance the ones you already have then the Maidenform® Firm Control Hi-Waist Brief, is the panty for you.

Bali Women’s Shapewear Lace ‘N Smooth Brief


If you are looking for a panty girdle after a tummy tuck, then the Bali Women’s Shapewear Lace ‘N Smooth Brief is the shapewear for you. A nylon/spandex blend that comes in black, white and rosewood. This shaping brief will support you in all the right places, feeling like a nice hug. Features for this piece of shapewear include:

  • Gorgeous lace that is breathable and virtually invisible under clothing as it lays flat giving you a sleeker and smoother you
  • Hi-cut legs more mobility
  • No ride up as there is a full rear, this also helps to shape and lift the derriere

Even if you are looking for a Panty girdle after c-section this little gem may help with that as well, as after a c-section we are only looking for lifting, compression, and tucking, to get back to where we once were, and Bali helps with that.

Shymay Women’s Shapewear Lace Minimizing High Waist Tummy Control Panties


Shymay Women’s Lace Shapewear Panties are a breathable pair of tummy control panties made from a polyester/spandex blend. These beautiful panties come in black or tan and have great lace detail. A one piece set that gives full coverage and firm control over your waist, tummy, and hips. It is a soft yet fully breathable material. We all want help in firming our tummy well this panty does just that the compression panel helps to firm the tummy while also eliminating any love handles we may have as well. Other features of the Shymay Women’s Lace Shapewear Panty are:

  • Pull on closure
  • Hand wash cold
  • Help in reducing muffin top size and in smoothing waist, tummy and rear

For a firmer more shapelier you try this pair of Shymay Women’s Lace tummy control panties as they will help to pull it in everywhere you need it too.

SPANX Power Panties New & Slimproved


SPANX is all new and improved, their Power Short is better and more improved. They have reformulated their fabric with softer yarn to offer a smoother result. Not only that, but it will squeeze you less than it did before, making it a more comfortable piece of everyday wear. Avid Spanx wearers will be glad of the reformulation. Features of the SPANX Power Panties include:

  • Lightweight material for comfort all day
  • Ruching detail to give you a great looking bottom
  • Leg openings are dig free and give a smooth look
  • Waistband is comfortable and won’t roll
  • Nylon/spandex blend
  • Targets stomach for shape and has 360 degrees of support

The SPANX Power Panties, will give great overall smoothing, tucking and shaping of the tummy area when needed, as well as giving comfort throughout the day. What more could we ask for from a tummy shaping control panty?

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