Best Plus Size Nursing Bras

When purchasing a nursing bra, it can be difficult to find one that is true to size, supportive, and provides the right shape. This is especially true for plus size women who require more support. It is vital that the it includes 3-4 hooks and is adjustable. Your breasts will change shape, or shrink in size over time. For nighttime, it is important to have comfort and support. During the day it is important to be able to have access no matter where you are. The straps on the bra should be wide apart and lie flat against the back.


Bravado Designs Original Plus Size Nursing Bra

With the support and comfort of a sports bra, the Bravado is the best for convenience and security. It is made with soft cotton and stretchy spandex that adapt to your shape and keep you relaxed throughout the day. The sports-design keeps you secure and the adjustable elastic band helps to evenly distribute the weight, which reduces your back pain and provides under-breast support.

The Bravado comes in five basic colors: white, black, leopard, blush, and seven sizes from Small (32F) to X-Large (46 E-G). This product is very thin which keeps it comfortable and the included padding adds extra support. The fabric folds over underneath and provides no shape which is a problem for some women as this can cause mastitis. The nursing clips are easy to use one-handed, which makes it very reliable for all day wear. Women who need more support throughout the day may find that the Bravado does not give them enough support, but this may be due to an incorrect size estimate.

This product is easy to wear and cheap enough so that you can buy multiple and wash frequently. Be sure to order the correct size or you may experience mastitis while wearing the Bravado. Some women find that the fabric does not last as long as it should, so make sure to take proper care of this it if you will be wearing it regularly. This product must be washed cold and hung dry. The bra provides no shape and is quite large, but it is very functional and comfortable. Nursing sideways, laying down, or standing up, the Bravado is simple to use, keeping your breasts in place and your baby happy.


Goddess Women’s Keira Nursing Bra

The Goddess offers support and shape throughout the day and comes in a beautiful design. The four-section soft cup gives more support and shape than the Bravado. The Goddess is wire-free and includes a full circle inner frame, side boning, and a wide underband. The product is made with Polyester, Nylon/polyamide and Elastane, and comes in Nude. It comes in size 36DD-46I.

The columns and rows on the bra increase with size as it has a stretch microfiber. The one-handed squeeze release clasp allows you to have the ease of nursing no matter where you are. The wire-free design allows you to have comfort while the full circle inner-frame, side-boning, and underband allow you to stay secure. Includes a five row hook and eye back closure.

The product requires hand washing because of the gentle material included. Some women complain that the clasp is easy to open with one hand, but difficult to close with one hand. Many women find the Goddess to be very comfortable and supportive, but the cone shape of the it may turn some women away. When wearing a tight shirt, the seams on the fabric are very visible and the cone shape is clear, so be aware before you buy this product that it may be the wrong shape for you. Many women decide over time that the shape of the bra does not matter because of the comfort and support it provides. Also due to the shape and fabric, the sizing of the bra is off for some women, so make sure to double-check your size before buying. The price is high, but it is a great value. The Goddess is one of the few nursing bras on the market that provides support and style for larger breast sizes.


Elomi Women’s Smoothing Underwire Molded Nursing Bra

The Elomi is functional, durable and supportive. The bra has seam-free cups, a flexible underwire, a drop cup, a powernet back and banded frame for support, and no-slip supportive shoulder straps. The Elomi comes in a simple design. It is made from Polyester, Nylon, and Elastane and comes in Nude and Black. It will give you reliable comfort and shape throughout the day.

The bra will not show under your shirt or cause discomfort. It has seam-free cups that give you a smooth appearance and prevent chafing. The flexible wire gives you the support you need without the discomfort that usually comes with a wire. The drop cup comes with a full circle sling that allows for easy access and added support if you require privacy while nursing. The powernet back and banded frame along with the leotard back are stylish and supportive. The snap clasps are easy to undo with one hand, although some women have complained that they break over time.

Many complaints have been raised about the longevity of the Elomi because after only around six months of repeated wear the snaps tend to break. It offers comfort and fashion, but is only guaranteed to last eight months. Over time, the clasps become stiff and may require two hands to unclasp. The Elomi is the best on the market for fashion, comfort, and shape; but do consider how long you need the it to last. When compared to the Goddess and the Bravado, the Elomi gives the most support and the best shape.


Cake Lingerie Women’s Petite Plus Nursing Bra

If you are looking for a bra that is unlikely to show through your clothes, this one will fit the bill. It is seamless and is made of nylon and elastane, in order to keep it stretchy and cozy, no matter what size chest you have. It is available in sizes that range from XS to XXL, but you’ll need to pay close attention to what these sizes mean. It is formulated especially for petite women with large cup sizes that have average band sizes. Much like a regular bra, it has adjustable straps, and many rows of hooks, so you can get a fit that feels as natural as possible. The clips in the front give you easy access if you need to pump or feed. What makes this plus size nursing bra special is that there are support panels built into it in the front and on the sides, so there is a lot of structure. In other words, it has a lot of support and integrity, so you aren’t left feeling droopy or unprotected. One thing that you will need to keep in mind is that it must be hand washed, but this will also help it last longer.


Motherhood Sports Wireless Nursing Bra

This bra is made with comfort in mind, since there are no wires or anything else to bother with. There are also no closures to worry about, so nothing will be poking you. To get this one on, you simply put it on over your head like a shirt or a camisole. It will be a great option for when you want to lay around the house or to wear under your exercise clothes, so you aren’t putting yourself into a garment that is too binding. When you need to use it for its intended purpose, all you have to do is unclip a strap. The product comes in black, heather gray, and a blue and white pattern, all of which are quite attractive. At the same time, since there aren’t a lot of things to give it structure, you may have some bulges with in sometimes. For instance, you won’t want to wear it with something that is tight fitting. It comes in sizes from 1X to 3X and has a ruched middle, so you know when you have it on correctly. It is composed of spandex and nylon and is designed to provide a medium level of support.


Gratlin Women’s Lace Full Figure Nursing Maternity Bra Plus Size

This bra is not just for smaller women like some are, as it is actually made for moms with larger cup sizes. It is available in 4 different colors, and a variety of sizes from C to F. If you have had trouble finding a nursing bra in your size in the past, this is one to look at. It doesn’t have any wires, and is made of polyester and spandex. Unlike other products, this one will fully protect you and can support your chest like an everyday bra would. To get the best fit, there are 6 rows of hooks to choose from. When it is time to nurse, there are sturdy clips to take advantage of, so you can be ready to feed your baby in just a few seconds. While it may not be the most attractive option out there, it is comfortable and is made for you to be able to wear all day without experiencing any problems. Besides that, it won’t cause you to have weird bulges. One con is that you will be able to see the lines and seams under thin clothing, so keep that in mind if that is something that bothers you.

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