Best Postpartum Girdle & Belly Wrap

///Best Postpartum Girdle & Belly Wrap

A post-partum girdle is a great option for any woman who has undergone a C-section or is looking for extra support after childbirth, especially if you’re looking for compression that will work on your hips and back as well as your tummy.

Post-partum girdles provide a plethora of benefits for new moms. Nine months of pregnancy can really wreak havoc on your spine, and a girdle will help your spine recover and straighten. A post-partum girdle can also help your uterus return to its usual position. For those who are embarrassed of their post-baby weight and flab, a girdle is a great way to make you look fit and in-shape, and can even help reduce further weight gain by compressing fatty cells. Girdles are also recommended for lymphatic damage and can reduce swelling.


What’s the Best Postpartum Girdle and How Do I Choose One?

Some things you should look for in a post-partum girdle include comfort, durability, wearability, and effectiveness. In terms of comfort, you should ask yourself whether or not you’ll be comfortable wearing the girdle all day. There are different styles of girdles, like corset style or pull-up style. Think about which style would be most comfortable for you. In terms of durability, think about what the product is made of: latex, nylon, and cotton are some common materials.

  • Will the girdle last days of wear?
  • Will it last even if you sleep in it?
  • Wearability is also important: will you be able to wear it underneath your clothes without anyone knowing?
  • Is it easy to put on and take off?
  • Does it slip down or move around too much while you are performing your daily routine?
  • And, of course, effectiveness will be one of the biggest things to consider. Does it actually work?
  • Will it just make you appear slimmer, or actually aid your road to fitness?
  • Does it address multiple issues on the post-partum body, or just offer abdominal support?

Some women only want a girdle to keep them looking slim and hide the post-baby weight; others will want a girdle that offers support to multiple parts of the body. Think about what your specific needs are and go from there.

Where to measure your hip contour

With those questions and standards in mind, it can still be overwhelming to choose the girdle that’s right for you. Besides, can you really trust what the manufacturer promises? We’ve picked six of the top performing post-partum girdles as examples of what you should look for when shopping for your own girdle.


1. Bellefit Postpartum Girdle Review

Bellefit is one of the most popular and best-selling postpartum girdle manufacturers today, and for good reason. The Bellefit is a medical-grade girdle that will effectively compress and tighten your stretched abdomen muscles. Made of microporous fabric, these girdles are breathable and won’t hold sweat and odors while you wear them.

There are four styles you can choose from: a pull up, a corset, a girdle with a zipper, and a dual girdle. Each style will give you the same great effects, but have different closure means. Bellefit also has a handy styling guide which will help you decide which style will be most effective on your specific body type. Bellefit girdles are sturdy and reliable: they will not slip down or roll up while you’re wearing them, and the snaps and zippers are all top-quality so you don’t need to worry about anything breaking.

The only complaints people generally report with the Bellefit are that the saddle between the legs can be slightly wider than some women prefer, which can lead to rubbing and chafing of the inner thighs. The Bellefit Post-Partum Girdles comes in a nude shade, and is easy to hide under normal clothes. Users report looking up to 20 pounds lighter while wearing the Bellefit.


  • No front closure
  • Allows you to easily go to bathroom
  • Medical grade
  • Recommended by medical professionals
  • Abdominal area is reinforced
  • Can relieve back pain
  • May improve posture


  • Might run small
  • Not for all body types
  • May be hard to take off


2. Squeem “Perfect Waist” Firm Compression Waist Cincher Shapewear Review

Squeem has been creating shapewear for over 40 years, so they’ve got tons of experience in making girdles that really work. The Squeem “Perfect Waist” is one of the most “invisible” girdles available today, and it’s great to wear under even tight-fitting dresses and tops.

Its cinching design also allows you to wear strapless dresses, low-rise and hip-hugger jeans, and other fashions that would otherwise reveal your girdle. It’s also a top performer in terms of straightening and re-aligning your spine, a major concern for new moms. Made of cotton and latex, Squeem belly binders are available in either nude or black so you can choose the color that works for you.

Its internal bone system is excellent at keeping the girdle from rolling up or down during use, so it’s very comfortable to wear all day long. You can see as much as four inches taken off your waistline while wearing this corset-style girdle. It’s extremely durable, as well, and you can expect to get a year or more of use out of the Squeem “Perfect Waist” belly binder. The only thing to be careful of when purchasing a Squeem is sizing; some women have reported that they need to buy a size up from their normal size, so be exact about your measurements when purchasing.


  • Comes in black and beige
  • Stainless steel boning
  • Helps contour waist
  • Made of rubber and cotton
  • Offers back support
  • May improve metabolism


  • Must hand wash
  • May be hard to put on by yourself


3. Outop 3 in 1 Breathable Elastic Post-Partum Postnatal Recovery Support Girdle Belt for Women and Maternity Review

The 3 in 1 Breathable Elastic Post-Partum girdle is made of lightweight, porous material that makes it comfortable to wear all day, in all types of weather. It won’t absorb and trap sweat or odors, and you won’t even remember you’re wearing it after the first hour or so.

One of the biggest benefits of the 3 in 1 Breathable Elastic belly binder is that it is adjustable, and can be stretched to fit to your specific size. Girdles generally come in basic sizes like small, medium, and large; this girdle comes in the same general sizes, but it also allows you more flexibility and customization between those sizes. For any woman who often finds herself stuck between medium and large or large and extra large, this model will be perfect. Its stretchy, flexible design also allows this girdle to form-fit your curves, making it ultra-comfortable.

One problem that users do report is that it can be difficult to get a hang of using the girdle at first; since it comes in three separate, adjustable pieces, it can be tricky to figure out exactly how to use it properly. However, once you learn what works for you, there shouldn’t be any further difficulties. This girdle is available only in a nude shade; due to the bulkier, Velcro design, it’s not always the easiest girdle to hide under normal clothes, but it makes up for this by being exceptionally good at providing back and spinal support.


  • Has Velcro closures
  • Covers whole middle
  • Offers a great fit each time
  • Breathable
  • Doesn’t weigh much
  • Good for diastasis recti


  • May take some getting used to
  • Doesn’t come with instructions


4. Mamaway Postpartum Belly Band Review

The Mamaway belly band is durable and comes in a neutral gray color. This means it is perfect to be worn with all types of clothes because it isn’t bold, and will not be seen through most items. This band offers more than other models with 3 different belts for compression. There is a large belt in the middle and an additional belt on either side, so that you can have the best fit and compression to fit your needs and comfort level. This design also helps you be able to compress areas besides your belly, such as the hips and waist. The product is also very easy to take care of because you can simply put it in the washing machine when it needs to be cleaned. Another great thing about this item is that one of the primary materials used to make the band is bamboo charcoal, which is anti-bacterial and keeps the smell away. That means this band will not start to smell bad after use, and it won’t be laden with too many harmful bacteria if you end up sweating in it. It also features a special infrared technology that helps your blood circulate more effectively. This is the aspect that can help you heal faster. The garment is designed to last a long time and to stay put. It won’t ride up or bunch in any way when it is fastened properly. Purchasers of the product say that it keeps it shape even after washing multiple times and is comfortable.


  • Great for recovery from natural birth or c-section
  • Made of bamboo
  • Is breathable
  • Won’t lose its shape
  • Multiple straps for a better fit


  • May wear out easily with constant use


5. UpSpring Baby Shrinkx Belly Wrap Review

This simple but powerful belly wrap made by UpSpring comes in black and nude, and is recommended by some on the OB/GYN industry, who really know what they are talking about regarding childbirth, delivery, and what will help new mothers recover faster. The wrap itself is constructed of a fabric that lets air in and excess moisture out. It is also latex-free, is wide and strong, and has well-built flaps that secure firmly around the abdomen. It has additional smaller straps that sit at the waist, which leave you with a better fit, and a garment that can easily change sizes as often as you do. It is designed to help mothers ease their organs back into the proper alignment after delivery, as well as help them lose weight quickly. Moreover, it helps with overall posture, especially when feeding their babies, and is easy to wear, for many hours at a time. People that have used the product often comment on the fact that the band is comfortable to wear, even mere days after delivery, and offers weight loss results quickly, for many within a few days or a week. Others reported that it may bunch up or be seen under clothes, but that isn’t that big of a deal considering you just had a baby. Making sure it is the right size and secured properly will help with the bunching and a layered look would help solve the problem of it being able to be spotted underneath your clothes.


  • Has triple compression
  • Helps lessen swelling
  • May speed up healing time
  • Has boning in back
  • Latex free


  • Might show through clothes
  • May be hard to sit in


6. BeFit24 Medical Abdominal Support Binder Review

The BeFit24 binder does many different things; more things than the average binder because it can also be utilized by a man. For one, it can help you get back into shape after you have a baby. It can also allow you to look better when you wear clothes and correct any bad posture. Additionally, it is able to be worn after you have any type of surgery, including a c-section, and can help with pain or aches through your middle. Finally, it can make it easier for your body to heal from different ailments, and takes the pressure off of your back and can keep you from harming yourself any further after an injury. It is made in Europe of solid materials, including latex and polyester. The product consists of a wide band that covers the entire core of your body with its powerful elastic closure. That means it can be put on and taken off quickly and easily, where you don’t have to worry about asking for help or unhook a lot of different fasteners or buttons. It is beige in color and comes in a wide range of sizes, so there is a size that will fit virtually everyone. People that recommend the garment comment on how sturdy the Velcro and the binder itself are and say that it can be used effectively by women of all shapes. It also works successfully when worn under or on top of clothing, so you can use it no matter what you have on.


  • Good for use after any surgery
  • Can be used by men or women
  • Material allows skin to breathe
  • Compresses entire abdominal area
  • Lasts a long time
  • Has a 5 year warranty


  • Finding the proper size may be difficult
  • May bunch up

Comparison of Best Postpartum Girdle & Belly Wrap 2018

Product Name
Our Ranking
Bellefit Postpartum Girdle S-XL 85% Polyamide, 15% Spandex Pull-Up Hand Wash NO.1
Squeem Perfect Waist XS-5XL 25% Cotton, 75% Natural Rubber Hook and Eye Closure Hand Wash NO.2
Outop 3 in 1 Belly Wrap One Size Unknown Velcro Hand Wash NO.3
Mamaway Postpartum Belly Band M-XL 57% Nylon, 28% Polyester, 15% Rubber Velcro Washing machine NO.4
Shrinkx Belly Wrap S/M – L/XL Breathable Mesh Fabric Velcro Hand Wash NO.5
BeFit24 Abdominal Binder 0-7 66% Polyester, 34% Latex Velcro Hand Wash NO.6


  1. Judy Carroll February 22, 2016 at 7:21 pm - Reply

    I have had abdominal wall reconstruction and must wear a binder the rest of my life. I think the 3 in 1 breathable postpartum support will work for my needs. I have tried to order off Amazon and eBay , but on these sites there is no place to put size. Please advise

    • Tara February 23, 2016 at 2:01 pm - Reply

      I’m sorry to hear that.I would try with Mamaway.

  2. Sarah November 1, 2017 at 8:10 am - Reply

    I was looking at Bellefit products today and noticed there’s a strap between the legs. Does that make it harder to go to the bathroom?

    • Tara November 1, 2017 at 12:34 pm - Reply

      Not at all. The strap snaps and unsnaps at the bottom for when you need to go to the bathroom.

  3. Emily November 4, 2017 at 3:49 pm - Reply

    Is there any reason to use these? Do they help speed up recovery? How quickly does it speed it up?

    • Tara November 4, 2017 at 9:09 pm - Reply

      You do not have to wear one but it can speed up the healing process because it allows your uterus to return to normal size faster and can help you safely rebuild your abdominal muscles.

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