Best Pregnancy Workout DVD

If you are fitness junky who happens to like to exercise in the comfort of your home, workout DVDs are probably the best thing for you. But what happens when you have a baby on board and you don’t want to stop training? I will tell you a little secret. You don’t have to! Pregnancy workout DVDs are the solution for your problem. In the sea of different DVDs you probably don’t know which one to choose, so here are three best pregnancy exercise DVD programs that you can try, and that will most certainly give good result at the end.

10 Minute Solution-Prenatal Pilates

Pregnancy can take a lot of time, from doctor’s appointments to buying things for baby, sometimes you just don’t have needed time to exercise. There is a solution to that problem, because if you can’t find half an hour for exercising, you can always find ten minutes. 10 Minute Solution is a great way to stay in shape with a program that can fit between a lunch and an afternoon nap.


It has five parts, so you have the option to choose what you want to do, or just do them all together. Parts are:

  1. Pilates for buns & thighs
  2. Core Pilates
  3. Total body Pilates
  4. Standing Pilates
  5. Pilates for flexibility

And as an additional part there is postnatal workout to flatten your belly fast. The great thing that the instructor on this DVD, Lizbeth Garcia, is also pregnant, which is helpful when you don’t know how to maneuver all the exercises. So, if you are busy pregnant lady who has little time for exercise, this DVD is made for you.

Tracy Anderson-The Pregnancy Project

Tracy Anderson released this nine disc set in order to help women across the globe to stay fit through all the pregnancy and prepare them to give birth. Tracy is well known for being a personal trainer for lots of celebrities, including Gwyneth Paltrow, and although having her as a personal training guru can be expensive, you can always train at home with her excellent DVD’s.


Excellent thing is that the instructor is also pregnant and the best feeling is that you will feel like you actually did something for yourself during the pregnancy. With this program you can learn some of Anderson’s miraculous techniques that will make you fit mom to be, and in addition to that you will maintain strength and fitness long after your baby is born. Besides DVD you will also need three pound hand weights and a yoga mat, and exercising can start.

Suzanne Bowen’s Slim & Toned Prenatal Barre Workout


If you expect strength, cardio and flexibility in just one prenatal workout DVD, Suzanne Bowen’s workout is just the thing you are looking for. This program is made of four different parts and it will make your muscles sore and your body in fit and healthy. The sections are: upper body, lower body, cardio sculpt and stretching. An accent is on a good core contraction which will make your body in shape during the pregnancy, and after the baby is born you will very soon have your pre-pregnancy body.

This workout is surely challenging and it will work you out, making you feel sore the next day. With options to make it more or less challenging, it is easy to find a perfect balance and keep your body in shape with Suzanne who will be your greatest workout companion and instructor. With Suzanne’s guidance, which is not annoying, and fun workout pace, this DVD is one of the best pregnancy workout DVDs, so feel free to try it out.

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