Best Shapewear Brands


Almost everyone nowadays is obsessed with a special type of shape wear, whether they are a man or a woman. You may need an extra something to help you look good in your favorite outfit or a tight shirt. Just a few years ago, there were only girdles and control top pantyhose, but now there are so many things to keep your body looking toned and fit, even if you don’t necessarily hang out at the gym all the time. The only problem is that there are so many types of shape wear, it may be hard to find a quality brand, especially one that you can afford. Some brands are very expensive, while others have more reasonable prices, so nearly any women can afford them. Here are some of the top shape wear brands to look out for and what types of products you can purchase from them.

Ann Chery

This company has been a trusted staple in South American households for many years, but their products have recently become very popular in the United States as well. This is because they make high quality products that you can count on, and they make some of the strongest waist cinchers that you can buy. You can easy find their products online, in a variety of sizes, shapes, and colors, so you’ll be able to locate something that you want to purchase and use. Some of the products that they make include waist cinchers, which range in lengths and strengths, training cinchers, shape wear vests for men and women, waist belts, compression bodysuits and girdles, leggings, and much more. They have products that you’ll want to cover up and items that look so great, you’ll want to wear them on the outside of your clothes. They can also be utilized for a number of different reasons. There are lines devoted to help you get more toned, look better in your clothing, and help speed up recovery after you have any type of surgery.


This is by far the most talked about type of shape wear on the market. They are one of the first American brands of shape wear, and you may have even seen them on television or heard some of your favorite celebrities talking about them. They have only been around for a few years, but they now make so many different types of products that they have retail stores dedicated to only selling Spanx items. You can find everything from leggings, underwear, bras, slips, tanks, and many other products. They started out just selling items that were to be worn under your clothes but they now have lines for people to wear as their clothes too. They come in a variety of different colors, styles, and more. There are even special maternity lines, which can come in handy while you’re pregnant and immediately postpartum. You can find these items in many department stores and online for purchase.

The creator of Spanx also has another shape wear line called Assets, which cost a bit less and are also found at department stores and online. This line has a lot of the same styles and items as Spanx, but the items are made of slightly different materials. However, both lines are high quality and enjoyed by many women for different reasons. Depending on what item you have, you can use it for anything from healing, staying comfortable, making sure you look great in your clothes, or even improving your posture.


Maidenform has been a trusted name in the lingerie business for many years. This is why it seems rather logical that they are a top name in shape wear as well. They are produced by Hanes, which you may also already trust for some of your undergarment needs, so it makes sense that they can help you out in the intimates department. They have always produced items like slips, bras, and panties, but now you can find tanks, leggings, body shapers, body suits, smoothing slips, and more. They come in different lengths and sizes, so they can accommodate even plus sized women. Another great thing about this brand is that they can be found in many different places. You can shop for them online or even in discount big box stores, which are likely places that you shop anyway, which makes finding something that will work great for you that much easier. The products are broken down into a few categories, like bottom, top, or all over solutions, so you can choose the amount of support you need. These products are mainly used to help you look great in your clothes, but you can use them for staying comfortable or sleeping in as well. These are the least expensive brand of the ones mentioned, but that doesn’t mean that they don’t do a good job of keeping you protected.

Another Hanes shape wear brand that many people swear by is Bali. They make the same types of products as Maidenform, but they are slightly fancier. Bali is also a trusted name in bras, so many people trust them for other items as well. You can find control top underwear, body suits, thigh slimmers, and camisoles from this brand, in the basic colors and fits.


Finding the right shape wear item and brand is critical, in order to save you time and from having to stress out when you don’t look the way you want to. However, these brands are the most trusted in the industry, and have you covered in a variety of different categories. They also produce items that are perfect for a wide array of sizes and shapes, and most make items for men as well. Some even have maternity lines, so you can wear them when you need extra support and comfort too. You can look at everything these brands have to offer online, where you can also read reviews, find out where to purchase them near you, and compare prices.

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