Best Toothbrush for 1 Year Old

As an adult, brushing your teeth has become second nature, but when you are a baby, brushing teeth is a very different story. You have to wait for the teeth to come through, make sure you have something that is soft on the gums, and be sure that it isn’t too abrasive for a little mouth. Keep reading for information on when and how to clean baby’s teeth as well as a look at the best toothbrushes for a 1 year old.

When to Start

You can start brushing a child’s teeth the moment they get them. Before that, you may wipe off their gums to keep them clean. Moreover, they make special brushes to use before the first teeth come in, in order to help stimulate the gums, assist with teething, and also let little ones get used to the whole process of using a toothbrush.

The point is to make sure there isn’t anything stuck in a child’s mouth, and eventually stuck in their teeth, once they start to grow. This is something you are aware of already, since you brush your teeth for the same reason. You want baby teeth to grow in correctly, since it might help their permanent teeth also grow in properly.

It’s best if you don’t let them brush by themselves until they are fully capable of doing so. Continue to do it for them as long as you need to, and establish a routine that can help them later, as they grow.

What to Use

When your baby starts growing teeth, you should start using a toothbrush, which must be formulated for toddlers. They normally have small heads and come in a variety of colors or cute designs. You should be brushing two times a day and can use a very small amount of toothpaste to get the job done. Brush after meals in a gentle manner and make sure to touch every tooth with the brush. It may be awkward, since you aren’t doing it on yourself, but after some practice, you will get the hang of it.


Here’s a look at some of the best products out there.


NUK Grins and Giggles Training Toothbrush Set

This product comes with 2 brushes, one that is for massaging gums and the other for cleaning teeth. You start with the massaging brush and then whenever teeth start to appear, you begin to use the other one. The set also comes with a protective ring to place on the handle, which allows it to stand up. It doubles as a way to keep a baby from choking. They will not be able to put too much of the brush in their mouth and end up hurting themselves. This is a good learning tool for you and your kid, so you can get them used to having their teeth brushed. One thing to keep in mind is that it isn’t as effective once there are many teeth present. You may have to upgrade to something with a larger head at that point.


  • Comes with a protective ring
  • Has massaging brush and cleaning brush
  • Good learning tool


  • Should not use if baby has many teeth


Dr Brown’s Infant-to-Toddler Toothbrush Set

You can purchase this in pink or blue, depending on if you have a boy or a girl. The brush is shaped like an elephant, so it can be really fun to use. It comes with the brush and toothpaste, so you shouldn’t have to buy anything else. The body is flexible, so it is easy to get in all the places you need to clean inside the mouth. It is also easy to hold onto, since it is made of a soft material. The toothpaste is fluoride free and has a fruity flavor. If you want to give your child a different type of toothpaste, that is up to you. Keep in mind that the bristles in the brush should not be chewed on, since it can cause damage or make them fall out. This would be a choking hazard that no one wants to experience.


  • Comes with fluoride free toothpaste
  • Has a flexible body
  • Easy to hold onto


  • Bristles may fall out if chewed


Baby Buddy 1st Toothbrush Teether

If your little guy or girl isn’t growing teeth yet, they can use this toothbrush. It is actually a teether, but it has many bristles that are built into it. These bristles will help massage the gums and keep them clean. It will also cut down on the pain that is experienced during teething, since a baby can chew on this and ease their suffering a little bit. It can clean the whole mouth at once due to its design, so you are able to let them use it themselves, as long as you are paying close attention. You can also put it in the freezer, so it can be more soothing to them, if they are rather fussy. The item is made of silicone, which will hold up rather nicely. You might need to throw it away or stop using it when multiple teeth erupt though. Otherwise, it may break or lose small parts.


  • Helps with teething
  • No long bristles that can come off
  • Can clean whole mouth at once
  • Able to put in freezer


  • Need to throw away when baby grows multiple teeth


Radius Totz Toothbrush

The bristles in this toothbrush are made of vegetables, meaning there aren’t many chemicals to worry about. The whole thing is latex free and also doesn’t have any phthalates or dyes. The handle is large and is integrated with glitter inside, so may be even more exciting for a young one to want to use. It even comes in multiple colors that are bright and fun. The head is oval shaped, which can help you get in the spots that you need to. There are over 3 thousand bristles to help you get this accomplished. It will be good for you to use, and then children will be able to use it by themselves once they become old enough.


  • Has vegetable derived bristles
  • Large handle
  • Fun colors


  • Need to make sure baby is old enough to use


Brilliant Baby Toothbrush

The Brilliant Baby toothbrush is much different from others out there. It has bristles all the way around the head, so there’s more surface area that is built for cleaning. It also means you don’t have to move your wrist around a lot whenever you use it. Some parents are not always able to get in every spot very well when they brush little teeth, but this option can help with that. You do not need to use toothpaste with this one, unless you want to, but you will need to disinfect it after each use. You also want to make sure it’s dry. Multiple users have had problems with it becoming moldy after use, so watch out for this and make sure it stays as clean as possible. There are thousands of bristles where water can get stuck, which may be the cause of the mold in some cases.


  • Has bristles all the way around
  • No need to use toothpaste
  • BPA free


  • Hard to keep clean


Farber Essentials Baby Toothbrush

You can purchase these in a 4 pack, and they come in multiple color patterns. Each pattern is bright and may make a little brusher want to use them often. They feature a large handle, which will be a breeze to grip and keep in your hand. What’s even better is that they come with a money back guarantee. You can always return a product if you don’t like it, or exchange it for something different. A couple of other features that make this one special are the blue bristles that tell you where and how much toothpaste to use and the large hole in the handle that keeps it from being able to choke a baby. The handles can also be chewed on, if the little one is teething. This is another product where the bristles will come off if they are chewed on, so make sure you supervise at all times.


  • Comes in different colors
  • Is a 4 pack
  • Large handle
  • Come with money back guarantee


  • Can fall apart


Colgate My First Baby Toothbrush

Chances are that you have had a Colgate toothbrush in the past, so you may feel more comfortable giving your bundle of joy something that is familiar to you. This one can be purchased 6 at a time, and they will each have some cute design on them. The handle is nonslip and easy to hold, although it isn’t big like some other products. The bristles are very soft, and are great for sensitive gums. The head is very small, so it can fit into small mouths. It does the job it sets out to do, but it doesn’t have any frills, like some of the other items you can purchase.


  • Has a non slip handle
  • Very soft bristles
  • Comes in a 6 pack


  • May be too abrasive for sensitive gums

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