Bracoo Breathable Abdominal Binder Review


Bracoo is known for making many different types of high quality products including different types of compression garments and supports. This Bracoo maternity binder is no exception. It is a durable garment that is designed to help a woman in one of the most delicate times in her life, pregnancy, and consists of a simple band that is designed to be worn underneath the belly to support it. When a woman is pregnant, there is extra weight on the front of her body that she is not used to. This gentle compression garment aims to help a women get used to that change in weight and posture, by lifting the abdominal region in order to reduce back pain. It may also be useful in easing joint pain, stiff muscles, and overall soreness, as well as different types of back or spine pain. Additionally, it can be used after surgery.

The binder is pink in color and is designed to fit many different sizes of women, due to the fact that it has an adjustable Velcro closure. It is approximately 5 inches wide and should be hand washed and allowed to air dry, in order for the product to perform at its best and not lose its effectiveness. When worn properly, it can be used for hours at a time when working, exercising, and sitting down with it shifting at all. It should not limit a wearer’s range of motion at all and shouldn’t pinch or hurt.


There are many features that users appreciate regarding this binder. Some of these include that it works quickly and provides relief throughout a pregnancy. Many people also like that it can be used through an entire pregnancy because the size can be adjusted up or down due to fluctuating weight changes. It is also well liked for being inexpensive and that it can be worn for hours at a time with no adverse effects. On the flip side, some people claim that the product is uncomfortable and can be itchy on a delicate belly. The answer to this problem is to wear a thin undershirt or tank top under the binder to keep your skin safe from chafing and irritation. This band should not be used if you are allergic to neoprene. Also, some say that it may not be good for smaller women and may not help after pregnancy because it lifts belly up and doesn’t support it the way a postpartum band normally would, but there are reports of women using it successfully after their pregnancies with no complaints. Overall, there are many people that rave about the product and consider it to be a great find.

This is a very simple binder that can do the user a world of good. It is also one of the top sellers in maternity support wear, so it is worth noting if you are in the market for an easy to use abdominal binder to protect you and your little bundle of joy from unnecessary pain.

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