C-Panty High Waist Incision Care


If you are looking for a panty to help with the pain and healing of your Cesarean section while also helping to slim your tummy then the C-Panty® is for you. The C-Panty® helps to promote healing of a C-section by using a silicone compression panel situated over the incision site. Why use silicone? Well it helps to retain moisture in the skin, thereby minimizing scarring and itching. The compression of the panel helps in the prevention of swelling while supporting the weakened muscles. Silicone is used in many applications including burn rehabilitation and post-surgical applications. Since silicone does retain moisture on the surface this helps in reducing its size and appearance.

C-Panty® is designed and engineered to help slim the post-baby belly while helping to heal the c-section incision. Unlike some panties that are used in post-partum healing, this panty has very unique features that helps in slimming and recovery.

  • Compression around c-section incision reduces swelling & decreases pain
  • Compression over abdomen shrinks uterus, decreases fluids & flattens belly
  • Patented interior medical grade silicone panel speeds healing & reduces scars appearance
  • Protects & supports delicate incision area
  • Great right after delivery for postpartum slimming from below bra line to hips
  • Comfortable, non-binding fluted waistband
  • Seamless, cut below the ribs with full cut rear
  • Machine washable

It is convenient for the woman on the go as there are no bulky snaps, Velcro, or hooks it is just pull it on and go. There are no binding areas to be worried about as with other postpartum panties of this type. As the waistline is gently fluted sitting right below your rib cage, and there are no ugly seams to be seen under your clothing. It also helps to provide the same support that a belly wrap would, ensuring that your abdomen is supported so that your muscles can heal properly. It will also help to support your posture since it sits high above the back and right below the ribs. It makes it easier to sit as you normally would without backache.


It was designed by surgeon and a two time c-section mother who felt that there needed to be a product on the market to address the post-surgical need of a c-section patient that did not include mesh panties and abdominal binders. What emerged was a panty that helps the post c-section woman recover easier and more comfortably, something that every post-partum mother that has been through a c-section should not do without.

The product is made with high-quality materials and medical grade silicone so that it is durable and lasts for many washings. Hearing what some women have to say they couldn’t do without their C-Panty®, so why should you. Ensure that your recovery is as comfortable as it can be with C-Panty®. This c-section panty will also make a great gift for new moms that are going to have a c-section or that have just had one and need support and comfort.

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