C Section Recovery Tips


When we talk about recovery from giving birth to a child, recovery from cesarean delivery takes longer time than vaginal. Whether you chose to go through a c section or it was an emergency, there are few things that you need to know regarding easy and fast recovery. It can be hard to take care of your newborn and relax and recover, so there are some tips that can help you to go trough the day.

Take Care of Yourself

First and main thing you should know is that healing process takes patience and time, so no matter how fast you want to be full time mom, you should first take care of yourself and try to relax as much as you can. Not taking care of yourself will harm you and also indirectly harm your baby, because if you do not rest, healing process will last longer and you won’t be able to take full care of your sweetheart. Simple advice it to keep everything you and your baby need close, and try not to lift anything heavy for several weeks. Not to mention heavy housework. Moving couch and dusting your attic can wait a little longer.
Consider using a c section girdle, because it will keep your stomach firm and tight, which will speed up the recovery.

Take a Good Care Of Your Incision

It is very important to take a good care of the incision, and you should start with this habit right after the surgery. If you have bandages, you have to change them once a day, or sooner. Get in contact with your doctor and find out how long you should cover the wound. When you have baths you can also clean area around the wound with mild soap and water. Do not rub it under any circumstances, pat it dry and it will be just fine. If your doctor did not tell you that you can go swimming or in a bathtub, avoid it. This period lasts about three weeks after the birth.

As for scarring, you shouldn’t worry, since any kind of incision would leave a scar, and the visibility and length of the scar are specified with genetics you have. About a month and a half after the c section you can start using ointments to reduce visibility of scars. It will fade, but be prepared for the realization that it will always be there and try not to worry.

Meds Can Be Very Helpful

You probably already know that c section will most likely hurt for a while after the childbirth. Some moms come home a day after cesarean section, but usually the norm is few days in hospital just to make sure everything is okay. When you come home and painkillers that you were given in a hospital stop working, you may start to feel cramping and pain. Just consult with your doctor about what meds are best for you and start using them. It will take the pain away and speed up recovery, and since you will no longer have pain to slow you down you can pay more attention to your baby. Because the uterus tends to shrink down to its original, pre pregnancy size, you probably will feel cramps which are not comfortable at all. Breastfeeding can only trigger them, and the only way to tame cramps is with painkillers, so feel free to use them.

Try To Avoid Constipation

Constipation after c section is a common problem, but it can be easily solved with a proper balanced diet and lots of fiber. Dried apricots, raisins, fresh fruit, black beans and lots of soups and salads will most certainly help you in the fight against constipation. Also, try to avoid white bread and white rice and introduce whole grain bread to your diet instead. It is normal to go on a liquid diet for a 24 hours right after the surgery, but be careful after that period, you have to start slowly, because this diet can cause a pretty serious constipation. If nothing helps, you can always take a fiber supplement while you are healing.

Start Walking and Moving Around

Yes, c section is a major surgery and you shouldn’t do heavy exercise right after the childbirth, but as soon as your doctor gives you green light you can start walking around and being active. Moving will help your healing process and increase blood circulation. Of course, that does not mean that you should apply for a marathon anytime soon, but walks around the house and neighborhood are more than welcome. When you collect enough energy the length of the walk can be gradually increased as well as the speed of the walk. You shouldn’t walk down and up the stairs for a few weeks, because you could easily tear up the incision which can lead to infection, and you probably don’t want that. Also, lifting anything heavier than your child is forbidden in the first six to eight weeks.

Bleeding Will Happen

Don’t be shocked if you see blood, even though you didn’t have a vaginal delivery, it is a normal thing. Since the placenta was attached to the uterus, the bleeding can come from that place and it is nothing to fear of. Vaginal bleeding is a natural part of the healing process and if you don’t experience it, you should probably tell your doctor.

Bring Pillows to the Hospital

This simple advice will help you a lot from the start. Prepare a few pillows before you go to the hospital and bring them with you. Why, you ask? Well, you will need one to keep you in one place while you sleep, since you probably don’t want to roll over your wound, and you will also want to hug one when you laugh or cough. That will keep your muscles less irritated and you will feel painless. In the end, if you place a pillow on your tummy while you are nursing a baby, it will keep the bundle of joy away from the wound and closer to the breasts. Good advice, right?

Ask For Help

Being super mom is hard right after you had a major surgery. You will have your lifetime to be around your child, but in these first few days, feel free to ask for help. The last thing you want is to hurt yourself or get an infection, since these things can only bring you back to the hospital. Everybody wants to carry their child all day long, but if you have trouble lifting it from the bassinet ask someone to help you. The faster you recover, the faster you will be able to be independent and full time mom.

Giving birth to a child is one of the greatest feelings in the world, and you should embrace them and not fear, although it can be a little bit scary. Whether you planed c section or it was a case of an emergency, this is a major surgery and it will take you some time to recover. Just try to relax as much as you can and not think about scars or pain, it will all pass.

Start gently with walking, moving and taking care of your newborn and then increase gradually. Only in this way you will avoid hurting yourself or your baby. Eat balanced diet full of fiber, fresh fruit and vegetables and if you need anything, feel free to ask for help. And the most important thing is to take watch yourself, since you probably want to be in the years to come. If you follow these few tips and give yourself a break, in just a several weeks you will be a brand new super mom ready to pay full attention to your sweetheart. And that was the plan from the start.

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