Cocoa Butter vs Oils for Stretch Marks


Almost every woman had to deal with awful stretch marks after or during pregnancy. Stretch marks cannot just go away, so if someone recommended you to use cocoa butter on your skin damaged with stretch marks you can think about it twice – not everybody skin and body are the same or the same age. Of course, you can use cocoa butter, it may work for you, but get to know the other side, because in the end – it can turn up that you are allergic on some things that cocoa butter contains. It sounds strange but it can be true.

Remedy From The Past

In the old days, when every house had at least six children or more, one and only remedy was olive oil. It was used against stretch marks by every woman who had a hold of it. In most of the time marks never truly went away. Now, oil tissues are used to reduce the perceptibility of scars; they can’t actually go away, but they are reduced to some point.

Maybe the only difference with cocoa butter is its smell. Cocoa butter has a soothing tropical flavor that has a calming effect on you when you are stressed out about stretch marks. Just by applying it on your skin you can sense far away tropical islands in your home and smell itself will help to feel less stressed out. But it will not actually help 100% in reducing stretch marks. And you can admit it – it is way better to smell cocoa butter than some old olive tissues when you have skin problems on your mind.

And let’s face it, pregnant women have unusual cravings all the time, and in addition to that the morning sickness. And you never know, it may just be from the cocoa butter anti-stretch marks cream aroma that makes you have those morning sickness that happen not just in the morning, but whole day long.

Keep your skin moisturized on daily base!

In the end it is very important to remember one thing – keep your skin moisturized! It is not important if you are pregnant, starting to gain or lose weight, what’s important is to make your skin soft and moisturized. Just think the weather alone can do lots of damage to your skin. Whether it is cold or hot outside, your skin will suffer the consequences and that makes it much harder to repair on its own.

What is your favorite Home Remedy for Stretch Marks?

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