When looking for a waist trainer that will fit your needs, the prospects may be quite intimidating. There are so many different products that are available that you may not be able to find the perfect one at first glance.
The Colrovie Waist Shaper is a great one to look at as your first choice in a shaper. This product is designed to offer a solution to trimming your waist, and be strong and simple enough to use for even those at the beginner level of waist training.

Size-ChartThis girdle comes in many different sizes and colors, including black, pink, blue, and beige, and is formulated to sit underneath the breast area and compress the top of the torso to the lower abdominal region.

The trainer body is constructed of nylon, is imported, and has a hook and eye closure down the front of the garment. In fact, there are 3 complete rows of hooks, so you can adjust your shaper, depending on how you are feeling that day and in case you lose any weight in the process of using this shaper. They also have modest panels and underbusks.

The trainer itself is used and designed for many different purposes. These include promoting sweating and metabolism, to help your middle look more toned, to help obtain the look of an hourglass figure, for better posture, to alleviate back pain, and to help women feel more confident under their clothes. In fact, it may help a woman look up to 4 inches thinner through the middle when worn properly.

The best thing about this shaper is that it has very strong steel bones, which are flat and spiral, that make the garment very durable and structurally sound. Satisfied customers describe it as the best waist training corset of its kind they have ever tried. It is available in sizes that will accommodate almost anyone’s needs and range from extra small to 6x.

Other rave reviews say that it seems plain on the outside but then when you get it on, that it feels great, it is easy to put on, and does its job in a superb manner. They also report that it cannot be seen under clothes and that it makes them feel sexier. They attest to the fact that it is breathable, does not keep them from breathing, and doesn’t poke or prod them in any way. The only complain listed is that the sizing is off. It is recommended that you purchase your size if you want it to be a little loose but if you want it to be a tight corset, order a size smaller than your usual size.

There are many choices out there for corsets, but this one has practically no downsides and can be purchased in a wide range of colors for a good price. If you are new to waist training and want to give it a go without getting burned, it may be in your best interest to grab the Colrovie Waist Shaper.

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