Dale Medical Abdominal Binder Review


While medical grade abdominal binders can be worn for many different purposes, including pregnancy and back pain, they may also be worn after different types of surgeries, to encourage faster healing times.
This Dale medical binder is designed for this purpose to hopefully limit your downtime after surgery. Some hospitals may even give you this product, or your doctor may recommend that you get a special medical binder such as this one. If you do get a recommendation, you should not hesitate to buy one of these unique binders to help you heal.

The band is constructed of lycra, polyester, and nylon, and contains no latex. It is a wide white band that measures 12 inches in width, so that it offers the right amount of protection across your entire core. The elastic that makes up the belt is designed to offer uniform compression around the garment and the Velcro closure ensures that it can be fully adjusted to fit your body. This is to make sure your whole middle can feel that it is secure. It is fully washable and can also be dried with care.

A special feature of the binder is that it has a strip in the middle of the garment that can hold up to 4 drainage bulbs in place. The product can even be cut to accommodate tubes, and will not fray or become ruined due to being cut with scissors.

Many people elect to use this binder after c-sections, hernia surgeries, or other surgeries that occur in the abdominal region of the body. In fact, the band can be used to hold dressings in place.

Men and women have both used this product and have gotten great results. They value the fact that it helps them heal faster after surgery, greatly helps with back pain, and that it keeps their surgery sites protected. Some users report that they buy new ones every month and that they love the way the product makes their clothes look. It cannot be seen under clothing and can provide a slimmer appearance when wearing clothes, which allows the person wearing it to feel more comfortable and confident. In fact, the only negative thing that was mentioned about the product is that some people may find it itchy. To solve that problem, simply wear an undershirt or camisole underneath it.

Customers that have purchased more than one say that they hold up extremely well when washed and are well worth the money. Some people may think that there are cheaper solutions out there, but this product is not expensive at all when you consider how versatile and tough it is. It can be worn for months without seeing any signs of wear and the elastic will not become loose or brittle.

When someone has a surgery, it can become very hard to gain mobility and feel like yourself again. However, when there are products like Dale abdominal binders, you can rest assured that you will feel much better a lot sooner.

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