Best Diaper Pail & Buying Guide

Diaper pails are a great invention, but many people think they are quite unnecessary. A pail is designed as a place to keep dirty diapers from smelling up your house. They are usually lined with special bags formulated for the specific product, so they are the correct size and sturdy enough to handle the weight. They also close up tight, so no odors escape out, meaning you won’t have to empty out the pail until you want to.

Deciding Factors

If you are deciding whether you want to get a diaper pail or not, start by evaluating the situation in your house. It is solely up to you to decide if you want one, and if you will actually use it.

They can keep you from having to take out the garbage each day. If you live somewhere where there is only garbage pickup 2 times a week, smells can be a real problem. However, the pail can keep the smell at bay and away from the rest of your refuse.

They are easy to empty. Many models are just as easy to dump as a regular trash can, so they can be emptied at any time you see fit.

Some use regular trash bags. When pails first hit the stores many years ago, you had to buy special bags to place in them. These bags were expensive and in some cases, hard to find. However, nowadays some models use regular trash bags, which save you money and time.

They come in different colors and styles. This means you can probably find one that matches your child’s nursery or that you think is really cute.

Can use for cloth diapers too. They are not just for disposable diapers, however. You can use them to store your cloth diapers, until you have enough for a full load to wash.

They can be expensive. Diaper pails are not usually cheap. This may be a problem when you have all the other expenses that come into play when you have a baby. However, they last a long time, so if you need one, it can be considered a long term investment.

It is essentially a garbage can. Some people don’t care for the idea of having to dump an additional garbage can. If this sounds like you, just put your baby’s dirty diapers in the regular trash. This shouldn’t be a problem at all if you can dump your garbage often, or have a different plan to control the odor. One method is to simply wrap each diaper in a plastic bag to contain the smells.

You still have to clean them. They are great for holding diapers and keeping smells out. However, at some point they will need to be cleaned and disinfected just like everything else that can get dirty. If you can’t stand the thought of cleaning a diaper pail, you should probably stick with the regular garbage can.


Munchkin Step Diaper Pail

This diaper pail is able to use different types of bags, so you can choose which type you want to use. It is also an Arm & Hammer branded product, which is the most widely recognized name in baking soda. Everyone knows that baking soda can help eliminate odors, so that may be the case for this product as well.

It has a special closure to keep your little one out and it seals up the bags as soon as you close the machine. There is a step you use to open it too, meaning you won’t have to open it by hand. Of course, you may still smell odors from time to time, although you can upgrade the baking soda disc as often as you need to.[/fusion_text][/fusion_builder_column]


  • Can utilize different types of bags
  • Features baking soda odor protection
  • Keeps babies out
  • Seals bags upon closing


  • May not keep all odors at bay


Playtex Diaper Genie

Diaper Genie is one of the most popular names you hear about when people discuss this type of product. With this one, you can choose from one of 5 colors, so it can match your room or nursery.

The plastic has built-in microbial technology, so you don’t have to feel like there is a bunch of germs on it all the time. This allows it to be easier to keep sanitary.

Another great aspect is that you do not have to put it together, since it comes fully assembled in the box. You can just take it out and use it. It comes with a special carbon filter, to help alleviate smells, and clamps the bag closed after every use.

One thing to note is that it’s made from thin plastic, and you have to be gentle with it if you want it to last a while.


  • Has antimicrobial properties
  • Comes in different colors
  • No assembly required
  • Has a carbon filter


  • Have to be careful with it


Dekor Classic Hands-Free Diaper Pail

You won’t have to throw this one away as your kids outgrow it. You can simply use it as a garbage can when you do not want to utilize it for dirty diapers. It is made of strong plastic that doesn’t absorb odors the way that other types of plastics do. This allows you to be able to keep it cleaner, since you can use disinfectant, bleach, or whatever your favorite cleaning product is, whenever it comes time to clean it.

The bag is easy to change out each time you need to, although users do not like that it doesn’t make an airtight seal. You may have to get used to this, or keep an eye on what types of diapers you place in it.


  • Converts into a trash can
  • Can keep clean
  • Made of strong plastic
  • Easy to change bag


  • Not an airtight seal


Ubbi Diaper Pail

Unlike others in the list, this diaper pail is made of steel. The metal won’t absorb odors, and germs are unable to leech into it either. You can choose to buy the bags that they sell to go with it, or you can use regular garbage bags if you want to.

The product has a unique opening mechanism, which is designed not to move a lot of air around, so smells stay away as much as possible. It has a large capacity too, and can hold about 50 diapers before you must empty it.

Emptying it may take a bit of getting used to because the bags stick to the machine, where you sometimes have to put your whole hand inside to get the bag out. While this isn’t a huge inconvenience, it may make you want to use this item less.


  • Made of steel
  • Can use regular garbage bags
  • Slides open
  • Holds over 50 diapers at once


  • Hard to empty


Safety 1st Diaper Pail

Here is a small and affordable machine. It is also lightweight, weighing in at less than 3 pounds. You should be able to move it around wherever you need it. The design is rather plain, but that means it will not stand out in a room either, which can be good.

You only need to use one hand to open it, and it opens wide enough where there’s no need to get your hand dirty to put a new diaper in there. This is something that isn’t commonplace in all types of pails.

It does not seal the bag closed each time like other models, so keep that in mind when you are filling it up. However, there is a place for a deodorizer disc on the top of the lid.


  • Can use with one hand
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to use
  • Opens wide


  • Doesn’t seal like others


Playtex Diaper Genie Expressions

This is another diaper pail that is made by Diaper Genie. It comes as a plain unit, but you can buy special sleeves, in order to customize the look and give it a design. This can make the whole thing fancier, and allow you to pretend that it is just a cute piece of furniture in your child’s room.

The unit is compact in size and it doesn’t emit lots of odors, which is something that is invaluable. This is due to the fact that it uses 7 layer bags to house the diapers, ensuring the smell can’t penetrate through them. There is no foot pedal on this one though, so you will have to use your hand to open it.


  • Can customize
  • Has 7 layer bags
  • Doesn’t emit odors
  • Small in size


  • No foot pedal


Research diaper pails before you write them off completely or before you buy one. Make sure it doesn’t take up too much space and that it is easy for you to use. You don’t want a device at your house that won’t get utilized, especially something that can help you out immensely.

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