Disposable Diaper Buying Guide


If you plan on using disposable diapers on your baby, like many parents, do, there are a few things you should be aware of when you are getting ready to make a purchase. Here are some of the most important things.

Start Early

Even before the baby comes, it is never too early to start loading up on diapers. The average newborn needs to have a diaper change about every 3 hours, so you will be going through a lot. If you don’t end up using all the diapers you buy, you can give them to someone else that needs them, or donate them.

Read Ratings

Just because a diaper costs more, doesn’t mean it is the best. It is a good idea to look on forums for mommies to see what they think about popular brands. They can break down the good things and the bad things, so you know what brands of diapers you want to use on your little one. The right brand for you should be able to protect against leaks and secure properly. Most brands of diapers have adhesive straps on either side, so you know they are secure and fit correctly.

Keep them Handy

One of the greatest things about disposable diapers is that you can take them anywhere. This means you can stash them in the diaper bag, around the house, and anywhere else you may need them. Then you can simply throw the used diapers in the regular trash or diaper pail.

Be Aware of the Cost

Since you will be going through so many diapers each week and month, you need to be aware of the cost. They can be rather expensive, so make sure to add this necessary cost into your monthly budget.

Know the Risks

Disposable diapers are pretty much the norm nowadays, but they are not without problems. One major problem is that they have chemicals in them to make them more absorbent. They also can’t be left on a child too long, or they can cause a painful and ugly rash.

Environmental Impact

Another major drawback is that you throw these diapers away. They are not made of natural materials, so that means they are sitting in a landfill for many years. However, many brands are biodegradable to some degree, so they will break down a bit over time. There are also disposable diapers that are better for the environment than others.

The Alternative

If you are not okay with the health and environmental concerns associated with disposable diapers, you may want to consider cloth diapers. They are much cheaper and reusable, but you have to clean them yourself.

Another Tip

The size of diaper your child needs will change as they grow, so you will have to figure out when your child needs to go up a size. However, all sizes of diapers are basically the same. They feature the same amount of absorbency and they are comfortable, so they won’t bother your little guy or girl.

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