Fajas Disenos D Prada Full Body Shaper Review


The company D Prada Fajas is known for their high quality body shapers and use only the best technology and materials to make their shape wear. They have lines of shapers for women for a range of purposes, as well as a line of products for men. This product, the D Prada Fajas Full Body Shaper, is known by many names including Fajas Colombianas and the Colombian Body Shaper, or simply a full body girdle or shape wear. No matter what name you call this product, it is a great solution to help you achieve the look you want for your body. The term faja is simply another name for a girdle, and this product features a full body structure, which covers the chest area to the top of the knee.

Due to its unique structure, it can help you work on any of your problem areas including your abs, hips, rear, chest, and much more. It is not noticeable when worn under virtually any type of clothing, including all types of dresses, even wedding dresses, pants, denim, and clothes that are suitable for work.

In addition to helping you manage different areas of your body, it can also be worn for a variety of reasons. It may be worn simply to help correct posture, or in order to smooth things out underneath your clothing. Many women wear this faja after different types of surgeries, including different cosmetic procedures, or immediately after childbirth to help build up their muscles after a c-section delivery.

The faja is made of high quality material that employs the latest technology in compression garments. It features hooks in the bra area on the chest, a zipper on the side of the abdomen, and has a moveable panel in the front, so it does not have to be removed in order to urinate. It is constructed using very durable stitches that are strong and hold up well to wear.

Many users report that the sizes run small, so buying a larger size is recommended from other users and from the manufacturer. The product comes in a variety of sizes, so there is sure to be one that fits your body type and needs.

Other reports say that wearers have no problems with the shaper at all, and in fact love it, even if it seems too small. They also say that they look at least 10 pounds lighter and their clothes look and feel great on them. There are few negative comments about the faja, other than the complaint that everyone will not like the way they look in the chest and rear areas, depending on what type of body type you have. Another gripe is that the bra straps are not comfortable.

Additional helpful comments for this faja include that the product is so comfortable that they forget they have it on, that it is easy to put on, and that it helps posture immensely. The Fajas D Prada is well liked by its users and would be a good investment for an extremely functional shape wear faja.

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