Go Mama Wonder Bumpers Are a Great Safety Idea for Your Baby’s Crib


The main objectives on a mother’s mind are to teach their child about, as well as protect them from the dangers of the world above many other things. This can be from teaching them about not taking candy from strangers, to protecting them from falling or bumping their tiny heads on things in the home when they are very young. Finding items to make our job easier in teaching or protecting our children is not always easy, but when we do it is a sigh of relief and a check off our list. One item that will help us be able to do this is Go Mama’s Wonder Bumpers, these little gems will help to protect your little one’s head, or other wildly flaying parts from bumping against the side of the crib and getting hurt.

Unlike bumper padding of the old days that our mothers may have used for us, these ingenious little gems cover almost all size rails, for any size crib, including round and flat size slats. The twenty-four inch long slats help to cover to the top of the rails, which helps as our little darlings are learning to pull up and stand. They are not also safe but wonderfully soft, and stylishly beautiful. Don’t worry about sacrificing safety for style as these stylish bumper pads work great for keeping our children safe.

These safety bumpers are sold singular or in packs of 2, 24 or 38, by counting your rails you will know how many you need; Most cribs have an average of 38 rails. If the rails in your crib are wider than 3″, two bumpers can be zipped together to ensure that the rails are completely covered. Zipping them on and off is an easy task for any parent.

No more problems with bunching foam inside the bumpers! These are easy to wash, just unzip the bumpers, and remove the foam insert, wash them in cold water on the gentle cycle, set dryer on low and tumble dry. Wash no more than ten bumpers at a time to ensure that they are cleaned correctly and to ensure that they stay in great condition!


Why use Go Mama’s Wonder Bumpers; for the simple reason that they will keep your child safe with:

  • Boost airflow
  • Impede children from crawling out of the crib
  • Soft vertical cushioning secures infant’s head and body against solid rails
  • Lead-free zipper
  • Easy to wash!
  • Made from 100% Cotton and Polyester fabrics with a Poly-foam insert.

They also have a gorgeous style that is:

  • A Variety of Super silky and jazzy fabrics
  • Reversible patterns
  • Gender-friendly versatility
  • Fabulous accessories
  • Cozy and agreeable for toddler beds
  • Polished design (No more sloppy looking guards that look terrible after a couple of months!)

When looking for a great product to ensure that your child is protected during their naps and bedtime this stylish item is great to use. Get creative and mix and match the varying colors to create the perfect nursery for your little one. Not only do they have this gorgeous Blue and Cream set but many other gorgeous colors as well.

Many companies work to ensure the safety of our children and this is true for Go Mama as well. They realize the importance of safety and understand the desire to design a stylish nursery, which is what Wonder Bumpers allows parents to do. They also support the creativity, ingenuity and strength of Mothers as well as the children they rear and protect.

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