Homemade Cures for Stretch Marks

Almost every woman had to, in some part of her life, deal with stretch marks in one way or another. I had also experienced those ugly scars and tried everything from a highly priced product to cheap homemade remedy made from only leftovers of common household ingredients. Sad to say it, but not all products, whether they are bought or made, help in the stretch marks war. But after a long time I had a hold to a few products, homemade of course, that actually help, according to brave women who used them. So, here are the best weird remedies that will help you get rid of those awful scars.



Lemon contains bleaching abilities and it can be used for scars, it simply reduces the dark color of a scar. It’s well known trick to put lemon juice on your hair and sit in the sunlight, it will make your hair much brighter. I used for a scar on my arm, after a while scar completely despaired. Just rub some lemon juice on your stomach or anywhere where you have stretch marks and it will bleach them.


Baking Soda

Did you know that if you rub on your belly baking soda and lemon juice and then wrap yourself in plastic wrap you will not have scars anymore? Well, I didn’t know that either! Maybe you will look a little bit silly, but if it works, why not try it. According to many women who tried this simple remedy your skin will be repaired in just a few weeks.


Vicks Vaporub

And who would have known that Vicks Vaporub is much better at making the scars go away than to cure congestion? Circulation is improved with simple ingredients in Vicks Vaporub, such as menthol, and oil makes skin heal faster, according to www.livestrong.com. If you combine this advice with one of the above, you will get simple remedy that will heal your skin in just a few days, at least that people who tried it say.


Coconut Oil

But, maybe the most common used remedy in the fight against striae is oil. Coconut oil, olive oil, castor oil, and even veggie cooking oil, they are all reported as great fighters against scars. The trick is to keep your belly moisturized, so if you are preparing fries feel free to rub some oil on your skin; it will look shiny and feel soft. Stretch marks will soon be just a bygone.


Hair Brush

This might come odd to you; it surely came like that to me, but if you want to get rid of stretch marks you can simply use hair brush. Yes, you read it well – hair brush. Hard bristled hair brush is used to rub your skin in a circular motion which will make your skin look even healthier, getting rid of the scar tissue. Well, if nothing else helps, why not!

Since we were played by health companies that promised one thing and gave another, no wonder that we have to turn to alternative and homemade remedies. I have to say, coconut oil is my choice, it smells wonderful and keeps your skin moisturized, but that’s just my opinion. I say – you don’t have anything to lose so go for it, at least one remedy will work, I’ll promise you that.

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