How Belly Bandit Helped Celebrity Moms


In the last trimester of pregnancy and after giving birth to a child, there are a lot of changes you will see in your body. In addition to these changes, there are also new things to worry about, like stretch marks, terrible pains, and loose skin. Women all over the world count on products like post maternity belts to help ease those problems. One brand that makes a large variety of maternity bands is Belly Bandit. Their products can help you lessen back pain, get your body back into shape, speed healing, and make you look slimmer while you are getting back to your old self. These garments not only help regular moms, but there are many celebrity moms that are fans as well.

The products range from simple bands, to nursing tanks, tights, and everything you need to get back to your pre-body shape, and more importantly for you to feel confident again. Many mothers like the way the products make them feel, offering more support with a bit of sexy.


For instance, Kourtney Kardashian loved Belly Bandit products so much she paired with them to design a band. It is attractive enough to be worn on the outside of your clothes or underneath them. Other celebrities such as Kelly Rowland, Diane Farr, and Jenn Brown love the bamboo lines that are offered.

They also have a collection that is quite popular with the likes of Lisa Ling, Nancy O’Dell, and Molly Sims which are designed to compress the body and be used before, during, and after you have a baby, so that you can get the support that you need, wherever you need it.

There are many reasons why celebrities use these bands and other products. After all, they are just like us. They have the same problems when they have babies that the average mom does, only they have to pretend they don’t because they are often on camera.

Other moms that swear by Belly Bandit products are Melissa Joan Hart, Selma Blair, and Bethanny Frankel, so you are in good company if you give these items a try. They are made by women and the company is owned by women, so they are able to give you a better experience than other places.

Additionally, Belly Bandit is not only endorsed by many celebrity moms like the ones mentioned previously, but it is the most widely recommended brand among health professionals.

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