How Long do You Bleed After Giving Birth


When you first start thinking about having kids, there are probably a lot of aspects of the whole process that you don’t think about.

One of these things is how long you may bleed after giving birth. In many cases, you may start bleeding during the first week after giving birth. This can happen almost immediately after birth and is not necessarily something you need to worry about.

It is normal to bleed bright red for the first week, but after that time, around 7-10 days after having a baby, the blood you’re seeing should start to turn pink and gradually yellow or white. This should happen regardless of if you had a c-section or vaginal birth.

The duration and severity changes from mother to mother, so you may not bleed as long as others.

After delivery, your body has to get rid of things that it was using when your baby was growing inside of you. Like a monthly menstrual cycle, the body lets it go in the same way, and this process is called lochia.

The first few days of lochia will be more intense than a period in terms of flow, but should taper off after about a week, sometimes less. However, many women continue to bleed slightly or spot for up to six weeks postpartum. This has everything to do with how much damage was done during the delivery, as well as the method of delivery.

Even if you are spotting for 6 weeks, this is still considered completely normal. It only becomes a problem if it doesn’t stop, as it may mean there is something else going on. If you are concerned at any time, talk to your doctor and get an examination to make sure everything is healing properly.

If you have had a c-section, there shouldn’t be any additional bleeding at the site. The wound will have to be washed frequently and dressed until it heals, which may take up to 3 weeks. Many women have pain for much longer than that, but that is also normal.

Make sure to eat right and drink plenty of fluids to heal your body faster, so you can get back to normal within a few months. You may not be aware, but your body starts the process of getting your uterus back to pre-birth size immediately after you deliver a baby. It is doing a lot of work to fix your body and get everything back into the right place, so don’t be alarmed if you experience a lot of pain during the first few weeks postpartum.

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