How to Organize Baby Clothes


When you have a baby in the house, it may be hard to keep up with all the clothes and outfits they have. Even though their clothes are small, you still need to keep them organized, to make sure you can find what you’re looking for, and have it nearby in case of emergencies, and when baby starts to grow. Here are some of the top tips you can take advantage of, to keep all baby’s clothes organized and easy to find. These tips are easy to employ and won’t cause you any stress.

Find special baskets or boxes

No matter the amount of space you have, it’s a good idea to find some baskets, boxes, or even a cart that you can load up with your baby’s clothes. This is an especially good idea if you don’t have a lot of room, since you can still use the different boxes to separate items from one another. Think one basket for socks, one for hats, and things like that. Alternatively, you can separate the clothes into outfits, so you always have both a top and a bottom together, meaning you won’t have to go searching for something when you need to get your child dressed in a hurry.

Separate by size

As a baby grows, they will outgrow things and you’ll need to keep track of when your child goes up a size, so you’ll already have clothes waiting for them to wear. The easiest way to do this is to organize all their clothes by size. You can separate the sizes by putting different sizes in different drawers in a dresser, or by hanging all the clothes up in the closet and making some signs to let you know what sizes are there. In other words, you can make cards or signs that indicate where certain sizes are in the closet, much like how the clothes are placed on the racks at a store.

Roll up onesies

When you have a very young baby, you’ll likely have a ton of onesies. The problem is that they can take up a lot of space and they all look alike when you fold them. If you want to fix this problem, simply roll them up to save space. When you roll them up, you should be able to see the design on them, if they have one, so you’re always able to choose the one you want to put on your child without having to unroll it. Rolling them up will also allow for you to get many more onesies into a dresser drawer or other container.

Hang up everything you can

If your baby already has their own room, it’s a great idea to hang up all their clothes, just like you hang up yours. Since they are small, you’ll be able to get a lot more in there, and it’s easier to see what’s hanging up, as opposed to items that are stuffed in drawers. Besides that, you’re able to hang up bulky clothes like sweaters and jackets, which you may be at a loss as for what to do with them when it comes to storing them otherwise. You can also separate all of the clothes by size and season if you want to, to keep from having to go through the entire closet worth of clothes whenever you’re looking for something.

Store items that are not being used

If you find yourself running out of room or only finding outfits that your child has outgrown, it may be time to pack some stuff up. You can donate your child’s gently used clothes to someone you know, or in some cases, you can sell them. If you plan on having more children, you can also pack them up for later use. Either way, making sure they are out of sight can not only allow for more room, but it can also allow you to have access to all the clothes that fit, saving you time and money.

Buy a new garbage can

Another aspect of keeping clothes organized is making sure that you have all your child’s clothes together when it comes time to wash them. This involves keeping the little clothes separated from the adult’s clothes, especially if they need to be washed with special soap. The best way to do this is by purchasing a new trashcan, which you can use as a baby’s hamper. You won’t need anything large, so you can get a small can, like the one you probably have in your bathroom. Place your child’s clothes in there and then simply wash them when it gets full. This can help you make sure that you don’t misplace baby’s socks or outfits, and it also means that these clothes won’t get lost in the regular laundry, which can be a nightmare.

A Couple More Tips

Any time you are trying to keep things organized, it’s a good idea to find unique jobs for things that you already have around your house. For example, you can use clothes pins to keep pants and shirts together in the closet, or to make a special holder for baby’s hats or bows. Another thing that can be repurposed is a shoe organizer, which is a perfect place to hold baby clothes, since a whole outfit can fit into one slot. Do a little research or ask around to see what you can repurpose to help stay organized.

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