Indoor Activities for Very Active Kids

Kids Playing

Children need a lot of stimulation and at some ages, they need to wear themselves out before bedtime, especially if you don’t want to have a tantrum when it’s time to go to sleep. The good news is that there are lots of activities for you to do with your kids indoors, for the times when they can’t go outside or you want to do something fun as a family. Here are some of the easiest activities to try with your little ones, which don’t require a bunch of extra items or planning.

What to try with little kids?

The younger the age, the easier it is to entertain them. For example, babies love simple stuff like balloons, while slightly older ones like things like dolls or cars.

This can help you determine what to do with them inside your house. Here are a few possible solutions.

  • Fill a room with balloons. If you have any extra balloons laying around, just blow all of them up and toss them into one room. Make sure the room doesn’t have a lot of breakables in it because some of them will no doubt be thrown around and pop, which is part of the appeal. Then your offspring can decide what they want to do with the balloons. They may want to jump on them or throw them around; the sky is the limit.
  • Make a raceway for cars. You can design a nice place for the cars to have an official race or a special track around the house. You can design ramps, turns, and a lot of other things for the special events with simple household items. Have your son or daughter help you design and set up the track, so they feel like have created something with you.
  • Have a dance party. Children love music, so you can play some tunes and start getting funky. You can make a game out of it by seeing which attendee has the best rhythm and asking everyone to come up with a signature dance move.

What can I do with older kids?

Older tykes are easier to have fun with indoors because their motor skills are a bit more developed. Still, you don’t have to get fancy for them to have a really good time. Here are some really fun activities you can try for your next play date.

  • Bowling or basketball. To set up a bowling lane, all you need are some water bottles and a small ball. Make sure you set it up where nothing can become damaged, and there’s not really a reason to keep score, so everyone can get a prize for playing. For basketball, you can use a ball and a trashcan, box, or anything that the ball will fit into. You can make up special rules together or see how far you can make it in the hoop from, to liven up the sport even more.
  • Arts and crafts time. If you have an artistic side, it is likely that your offspring has one as well. Arts and crafts activities can encompass so many things from finger painting to making friendship bracelets. You could even braid each other’s hair, play dress up, or write a story together.
  • Baking or cooking class. There’s no reason why you can’t let your child help you make something delicious while you’re playing together. They love to assist in the kitchen and learning how to cook is important. Perhaps ask them to help make lunch with you or take on a special project, like their favorite type of cookies or a simple cake.
  • Regular games. You may have a whole closet full of board games that don’t get played very often. Bust some of them out and get competitive. One that will really burn off some energy is Twister, but if you have a Wii, there are games that make you exercise as well. Keep that in mind when you’re looking for games to play.
  • Build an indoor fort. One of the most classic things to do inside is to build a fort out of blankets, pillows, and anything else you can find. You can help your little one set it up just right or you can see who can build the bigger fort.
  • Simple exercises or chores. If you can’t come up with anything else, you can turn exercises and chores into a game. All you have to do is offer a reward after the task is completed. One example is if you tell your kid to do 10 push-ups in 10 seconds to get a prize. He or she will probably keep at it until they get it just right, and they will also have burned off some of their energy in the process.

Are there any other suggestions?

The main thing to remember when you’re trying to figure out what to do is to think about all the activities your own child is interested in. They will respond to these things well and will enjoy them too. If they love drawing or coloring, you can do that, or if they like being rowdy, you could have a pillow fight with them. You don’t have to go all out, especially since young ones have such great imaginations.

Another idea is to repurpose as many items as you can. If you are going about your day and think that a potential piece of trash will be great for decorating or playing with somehow, save it for the next time you need an indoor event. For instance, toilet paper rolls are useful for many different games, as well as empty tissue boxes and old socks.

Look around the internet for suggestions that are tried and true to institute in your household. There are no wrong answers and you’ll really have to try some things to see if they work. The main thing is to have fun and keep from getting cabin fever, so it’s a safe bet that if you think something will be fun, everyone in your household will be willing to try it. You can also ask for suggestions from your family, and choose the ones that sound the most doable and entertaining.

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