It’s You Babe Best Cradle Review


The It’s You Babe Best Cradle uses a unique design to keep you feeling more normal during your pregnancy. It has many different elastic straps to keep everything in place and keep you from swelling or having unwanted pain. It is a great maternity belt that is also quite affordable, especially considering it can be used for a long time and is easy to care for. Keep reading for more information on this popular item.

Here are some of the most noteworthy features of this band

Has adjustable shoulder straps. This band is different than other bands because it protects you from your shoulders all the way down to your belly. This means your entire core is protected while you grow into the joys of being a mother.

Lays flat on skin. The garment lays flat on skin, so you can get a good fit no matter what. You can wear this product underneath or on top of clothing, although it may work better if it is worn underneath your regular clothes so you can be even more protected.

Hook and eye closure. This one has three rows of hooks on its hook and eye closure, so you can get the perfect fit for you. You can also go up or down a row, depending on the weight you gain or lose while you’re using this item.

Open design to fit many shapes. If you are looking for a band that has an open design, this is the one. It doesn’t smash your belly, since it sits underneath your abdomen and on your shoulders for a great fit. There is plenty of elastic to keep everything in the right place too. The elastic has a soft back, so it won’t hurt you or your skin either.

Can reduce swelling. You can reduce swelling in your ankles and legs when you use this belt, simply because you won’t have extra weight on parts of your body that can’t handle it. Everything will be in the right place to keep you comfortable.

Able to improve posture. The placement and strong elastic enable this one to help you fix your posture too. This is great when you’re walking around and to keep strain off of your spine.

Can reduce pain. It can also keep you from having pain, especially in your hips, back, and pelvis, since it mimics how you carry your weight normally, instead of the new way you are carrying as you gain weight around your middle.

Comes in different sizes. No matter what size you are, there is a cradle that will fit you. It comes in many different sizes, and since it is adjustable, it shouldn’t be a problem to find something that fits you perfectly.


When you’re looking for a band that will be able to protect you from many of the problems you can experience when you’re pregnant, this is one to consider. It has a shape that can displace the weight all the way up through the shoulders, so everything will be at the right place to keep you comfortable. Besides that, it can be worn as often as you want, although it may be able to be seen under clothes and may be hard to take off yourself. However, that shouldn’t really be an issue, since you can wear dark clothes if you have to or simply explain to others that you have a band on to protect you and your little one. It is adjustable and useful for many different shapes.

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