Keeping a Routine to Lose Weight After Pregnancy


Many people don’t realize that they were pregnant for nearly a whole year. In that time, everything you remember before you had your baby isn’t as vivid as you remember. It may not even be possible for you to do some of the things you could do before becoming a mother. However, your body is designed to bounce back after major events with a little bit of help.

A great way to help your body and to alert it to the idea that things are back to normal, is to establish a new routine. This includes scheduling as many parts of your life as you can and sticking to that schedule. The parts of the schedule revolve mainly around mealtimes, workout times, sleeping, and getting work or errands done.

A routine will help you figure out when you should be doing something, so you can get everything done you need to get done, and you can get all your daily tasks accomplished.


The best way to keep a routine around mealtimes is to eat around the same time every day. Try to eat 3 or 4 small meals each day, and a few low calorie snacks if you get hungry. There is no need to feel embarrassed because you are essentially telling yourself when you need to eat, because some days it is easy to forget that you should, especially when you are very busy. Also, this will help you not skip breakfast or eat dinner too late, which can both hurt your diet and sleeping schedule.

Work outs

Penciling in a time for your work outs is essential if you want to remember to do them. It will also help ensure that you have fit them into your hectic schedule. A great idea is to work out around the same hour each day or use a smart phone app that helps you track your goals and progress. Furthermore, scheduling work outs could make it easier to exercise with a friend, if that is something you are interested in.


Of course you are an adult, so no one can tell you when you have to sleep. However, writing on your itinerary when you should be asleep helps you not feel guilty at the end of the day when you deserve a nice rest after completing all the things you needed to do that day. Furthermore, it tells you when you should be waking up or if you slept in too late.


Physically writing down all the different things you have to get done each day is an easy way to break down your day into manageable blocks. Then you can simply cross them off the list as you complete them, which can assist you in keeping track of everything in a way that won’t make you want to pull your hair out.

Following these simple tricks will help organize your life, and it can help you lose weight. This is mostly due to the fact that you are not leaving something as important as meals or exercising to chance. This easy plan also gives you the freedom to make healthy and responsible choices for your health, which can put you in a positive place if you are trying to get your pre-baby body back.

Furthermore, organizing your days and nights can also help you normalize your life, so that you can really start to think about what happens next for you. It may also help you not overeat or stress eat from worrying, and it can help you free up the time to have proper daily workouts or other important activities.

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