Leonisa Slimming Braless Body Shaper


Looking slim and trim makes us feel great! However, after having a child either by c-section or normal routes things tend to sag and bulge a bit, here and there. Fortunately there are items of clothing that help us to look slim and trim, such as Leonisa Women’s Slimming Open Bust Body Shaper in Panty, it is a standard body shaper that slims the waistline, abdomen, and hips with their patented PowerSlim ™ technology. Not only that but the DuraFit™ fabric offers more comfort and freshness than other shapewear of this type.

But What Exactly Is PowerSlim ™ and DuraFit™ Fabric Technology?

PowerSlim ™ is a robust flexible material and since it has multidirectional reducing strength because of its hexagonal thread pattern, it is able to slim the figure and support and control like no other shaper of its type. The fabric of Leonisa Body Shaper has super soft and has great breathability, because of the hexagonal shape of the fabric, and it will remove moisture as well even as you sweat throughout the day. The fabric is intelligent and keeps its body hugging shape after daily use and many washings and is fast in drying as well.

Needing something to wear that is going to last for a long time regardless of what your activity is, is very important. Leonisa’s DuraFit™ fabric is super lightweight, exceptionally soft, fabulously comfortable, as well as much stronger and more durable than other cloth for sale. It is made 100% lead free, and when moisture is trapped within it, it restricts the production of bacteria and fungi, as it is breathable and lightweight as are all of Leonisa’s products.

Great Features and Perfect for Post-Surgical Shape Wear

Leonisa, is great for post-surgical shape wear as it helps to pull in the hips, waist and tummy. It will also help you to correct your posture after months of incorrect posture due to baby pressing on the spine. It has great features such as:

  • Classic panty style control shaper
  • Waistline, tummy and hip reduction
  • High design on the back
  • Ultra-flat zipper closure and three hooks for a better fit and comfort
  • After surgery / post-partum recovery recommended and daily wear
  • Fabric Content: 82% Polyamide, 18% Elastane

One positive aspect is that you can wear it with your favorite bra, unlike most shapers of this type. So when looking for something after having baby try Leonisa Women’s Slimming Open Bust Body Shaper in Panty you will be happy with your choice.

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