If you are familiar with lingerie, you have probably heard the Maidenform name. They make a wide selection of undergarment products, and have a special line called Flexees, which includes inexpensive shape wear perfect for anyone to wear. The Maidenform Flexees Shapewear Romper is one of the products in this unique line.


This romper is a compression garment that is designed to help you achieve the look you want underneath your clothes, control your belly pooch, including obtaining the look of the hourglass figure. It can add to or accentuate any curves that you already have, depending on your body type. It is said to provide results in an instant. It may also be used for other purposes, such as to alleviate minor back pain.

This shapewear comes in two colors, black and beige, and features an open chest area so that you are able to wear your own bra for maximum coverage and comfort. Any type of bra may be worn, from a sleeveless bra to your favorite full coverage underwire bra. This means that women of many sizes can wear this product and not have to worry about the chest measurements. In fact, many customers with large chests indicated that the product fit them just fine and they appreciated that they could wear their own bras.

Unique features of the Flexees Romper are the crotch area, which features a series of hooks that make it a bit easier in times of emergency, and a full rear that covers up different sizes of derrieres. It is constructed of nylon and elastane, which lend a lot of stretch to the undergarment, and are the reason why it should be hand washed, in order to make sure the product last for as long as it can and so you can get the full value of wear from it. The garment is also true to size so it is advised by the seller that you do not size down when finding your size to purchase.

Many satisfied users have stated that they wear the product to slim their waistlines, and that they are very happy with the efficiency of the product. They are also pleased that the romper is affordable and say that it is comfortable enough to wear every day. It can be worn with virtually any type of clothing including jeans or dresses, whether the clothes are form fitting or loose. Users say that the straps stay in place, are around 1 and a half inches wide, and are thick and sturdy, although they may show if sleeveless dresses are worn. Some gripes about the product are that the hooks in the crotch may be hard to use at first and in some clothes there is a visible panty line.

The praises for this product greatly outweigh the complaints, and when paired with the price and brand name associated with the romper, this is a good product to research if you are in the market for a comfortable and useful girdle that is versatile and flattering.

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