Mini Cradle Maternity Belt Review


It’s You Babe is not only a cute brand name but it is also a company that makes a full line of medical grade supports for a woman to use for different purposes and support levels during their pregnancy.
The It’s You Baby Mini Cradle is a thin but powerful compression band that is designed to lift the abdominal area or belly up to provide relief for aching backs and muscles. It is mainly used by women to relieve pain, such as hip, pelvic, or back pain, and to help lessen swelling in all problem areas. It is also recommended by many healthcare professionals and doctors.

This band is very light green in color and is not complicated to put on or use. It has a hook and eye closure with 3 rows of hooks to accommodate different size changes throughout a mother’s pregnancy. It is about 4 inches wide and is constructed of strong but thin elastic with a flannel back. The elastic will not change shape or mess up any clothing. In fact, it will sit flat on the skin and cannot be seen underneath clothing, so no one will even know you are wearing it, unless you tell them. It can be used when being active or simply lounging around the house, and is breathable and comfortable. The binder will stay in place exactly where you need it to. You don’t have to worry about it getting in the way when you need to use the bathroom and it is not difficult to remove either.


Some users complained that they were not crazy about the color, said it wasn’t strong enough for them to use, and said it was uncomfortable. Others question as to whether or not the sizing is off. Of course the negatives don’t really sound that serious when you consider the many positives of the product. Some of the positives include that you can wear this maternity support belt when you exercise, even when you are doing yoga, it causes no problems for people with sensitive skin, it will not itch even those with the most sensitive skin, and that it provides long lasting relief for many different types of pain associated with pregnancy. It is considered to be very affordable and praised because it does not ride up or hurt the wearer in any way. It should not make the wearer sweat and is even light enough to wear in the summer without any type of irritation. Additionally, this product is great for moms that are slimmer or smaller in stature, which is advantageous because smaller moms often have trouble finding bands that will fit them properly.

If you are a mom that is slim or has a short torso and are worried about finding a suitable pregnancy band that is strong and effective, then see if this mini cradle maternity belt is right for you and your pregnancy. It is highly-rated, comfortable, and won’t cost you an arm and a leg.

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