NeoTech Care Maternity Belt Review


NeoTech Care makes products that help meet many needs when it comes to pain management.
This pregnancy band from NeoTech is one of these problem-solving products. It is designed specifically to help pregnant women with their pain. The garment is fully adjustable, so the wearer can change the way it fits and the size as their belly grows in size to accommodate life. It is constructed out of cotton and nylon and has 4 heavy-duty elastic side panels, in order to do a good job ventilating and compressing when worn properly.

The belt lifts the abdomen and supports the back and abs region in order to help with pain in those areas, as well as the hip and pelvic regions. The durable bands are specifically designed stay in place and not roll when the user wears it. The item is found to be true to size and in fact, it can be found in many sizes, to accommodate many different belly circumferences, and is made in the United States. It should be hand washed with gentle soap and allowed to air dry when needed.

This support is actually three pieces and is a breeze to put on. To wear the product, you simply wrap the belt around your waist and place the pad under your abdomen. Then attach the lower belt securely and place the top strap over the top of the stomach. It can be adjusted to do daily tasks throughout the day, including while sitting or standing. It is a good idea to adjust it while you are standing, because more support is needed when standing, due to more pressure being put on your back.

The lovers of this belt say not only does this product do its intended job; it is a very powerful garment that they would recommend to others that are suffering silently through their pregnancies. It is reported that the band works better when standing, and may roll down in the back when sitting. However, this is probably more of the case in people that have shorter torsos. There is some argument regarding if the product is bulky under clothes, but even if it is, all you have to do is try the layered look or looser clothes for that effect to disappear. However, many say that it is not noticeable under clothing.

The best testimonials about this brace are reports that it prevented a number of women from having to be on bed rest and that they could actually be more mobile while pregnant because this maternity support belt was recommended by their doctor and the fact that they were using this product. Some moms are even sad that they did not find this product sooner, because it made their pregnancies more pleasant.

If you want a pregnancy support that protects your entire abdominal region, this belt is a good solution. There are many satisfied users that have used it for numerous pregnancies and the product is very affordable, no matter what your budgetary constraints are.

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