Omega 3 Fish Oil During Pregnancy


Whether you’re thinking about getting pregnant or are currently pregnant, you’ve likely heard how great Omega 3s are for your body, especially during pregnancy. The most common place to get this nutrient in your diet is by eating fish, but you may be concerned about the mercury levels in certain fish, as well as other harmful substances that can be found in different types of fish.

The good news is, according to the American Pregnancy Association, you can get all the benefits of Omega 3’s by simply taking certain types of fish oil. Fish oil is a great source of the most advantageous parts of Omega 3’s, which are EPA and DHA. These are advantageous for all men and women to have in their diet, but it is hard to get from food alone. It is also more important for pregnant or nursing women to have these substances in their diet, due to all the great benefits.
These substances help your whole body, especially your heart and immune system. They are also beneficial to your central nervous system and brain. It can help your blood pressure and keep you from getting inflammation or even prevent allergic reactions, as well as making sure that your hormones are being produced properly. Hearing all these benefits likely helps you understand how important these nutrients are for your overall health, especially when you have a new child to think about. They need all the protection you can offer them and making sure you are eating and drinking the proper nutrients is one of the best ways that you can protect your youngest family member.

Whenever you get your Omega 3’s from fish oil, you also get additional benefits from these nutrients. They may be able to help your baby grow up healthy in all aspects of development, including neurologically. It may also be able to help you produce breast milk, with is something that is very important at this time in your life. It is even proven to help prevent some of the most common problem associated with pregnancy, including going into labor too early and having a child that has a low birth weight, as well as the ability to protect you from having mood swings or other mood disorders, which result from a fluctuation of your hormones.

Of course, when you’re looking to get all of these benefits, all types of fish oil are not the same. You need to find one that is top of the line to be able to take advantage of all the great things Omega 3’s are able to deliver upon. This means that you have to really look at the bottles of fish oil to see what the ingredients are, and do additional research to find out about the whole practice. The types of fish that are most likely to have a great amount of Omega 3’s are salmon, tuna, herring, and sardines, so you should be sure that your supplement is made from some of these fish. You may also note that these fish are generally very smelly or pungent when eaten fresh. However, you don’t have to worry about that when you purchase high quality fish oil. You won’t be able to taste the fish when you purchase respectable brands, and you can know that you aren’t missing vital vitamins from your diet. This is a lot easier than worrying about getting the right amount of certain fish, especially since fish can be expensive or have chemicals that are not good for baby. Additionally, some doctors advise against eating certain types of fish while pregnant.

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