Waist Training Guide


If you keep up with fashion, entertainment, or even the general news, you’ve likely heard of waist training. It is something that many famous people are doing now, and there are also women all over the world that are trying it too. It isn’t hard to do and some people think that it works so … Read more

Best Shapewear Brands


Almost everyone nowadays is obsessed with a special type of shape wear, whether they are a man or a woman. You may need an extra something to help you look good in your favorite outfit or a tight shirt. Just a few years ago, there were only girdles and control top pantyhose, but now there … Read more

Best Plus Size Waist Trainer


Waist trainers are something that everyone is curious about but not everyone has used. You may have seen them advertised on television or heard one of your favorite actresses bragging about them. What you may not know, is that they come in every size imaginable and you can find one that works just right for … Read more

Dale Medical Abdominal Binder Review


While medical grade abdominal binders can be worn for many different purposes, including pregnancy and back pain, they may also be worn after different types of surgeries, to encourage faster healing times. This Dale medical binder is designed for this purpose to hopefully limit your downtime after surgery. Some hospitals may even give you this … Read more

Best Abdominal Binder After C-Section

C-Section-Recovery Belly Wrap by Wink

After your C-section, your doctor might recommend an abdominal binder to help speed up your recovery time. An abdominal binder is like an elastic belt that you fasten around your stomach, and it provides support for your abdominal muscles while also helping to keep stitches or bandages in place and promoting healing at the incision … Read more