Safest Body Washes to Use While Pregnant


When you are pregnant, there are so many changes that take place in the body. Some are more obvious than others, and one that you may not think about are changes in your skin. At this special time in your life, you will have to stay away from certain things and approach bathing a little bit differently, since your skin will be more sensitive than normal. Here’s a look at what you can expect, as well as a guide to some of the safest body washes out there to use during pregnancy. Many of them are so nice, you probably won’t want to stop using them.

What to Expect

Skin is likely to become sensitive, all over your body. This means you can’t count on your favorite soaps to get you through these 9 months. You will need to trust something gentler and with ingredients you can trust. You should purchase something new as soon as you can, in case you have to go through a few different types to find something you want. Not all body washes will work for everyone, due to the different smells, cleansers, and moisturizers included.

Your skin may also become itchy in many areas. You can solve this by taking warm or lukewarm baths and showers, instead of anything hot that can make your skin dry out. This paired with the right soap can do so much good. Don’t forget to use natural lotions, creams, or moisturizers after showering as well, if you find that nothing else leaves your skin feeling healthy and hydrated.

One additional thing to look out for is acne. This can creep up on you during your pregnancy, which may freak you out a little bit. However, this is normal and not something to concern yourself with much. It can be handled with keeping your face as clean as possible and making sure you eat healthy foods. The good news is that it will go away soon after you deliver, so it probably won’t plague you for too long.

Things to Avoid

There is no solid list of substances or chemicals you should avoid during pregnancy. Just like with a list of safe and unsafe foods, there are things that doctors and experts will warn you about. Here are some of the top things to stay away from that many professionals agree on.

Acne fighting products

Most of the common prescriptions and chemicals that fight acne cannot be used when you’re having a baby. This includes things like salicylic acid, benzoyl peroxide, and tetracycline. This also explains why you may get acne during this time, since you can’t use some of the most powerful things used to fight it.

Furthermore, some of these substances are in common soaps and shampoos you may use, so you’ll have to check the labels and put them away for now. They will be too powerful for you for quite a while.

Ingredients You Can’t Pronounce

There is a long list of ingredients you should stay away from that are usually found in soaps and body washes. These include things like parabens, phthalates, and pretty much any other ingredient that you can’t pronounce. If you are unable to determine what that ingredient may be, there is a good chance you don’t want it touching your body.

If you are looking at the ingredients in products you use, you can simply search the names of certain chemicals, to see if they are derived naturally or not. If you have a hard time finding out or don’t find any information about something, this is not a good sign. Many times natural substances will have their scientific name listed in the ingredients list, which shouldn’t be hard to learn more about.

Artificial Colors and Scents

Other chemicals that you want to stay away from are artificial colors and scents. These may irritate your skin and they are not always safe to use. For example, some of these things are actually petrochemicals and your skin will look and feel much better without them.

What to Use Instead

To keep your skin looking and feeling how you want it to, it is best to use products that have a short list of ingredients. Try to find items that are made for sensitive skin, are natural, or contain only organic ingredients. These are the body washes that are less likely to make your skin itch or dry out. Keep in mind that natural products are a bit different from other commercially made items. For instance, they will have lighter scents or not lather up as much. This is very normal and should be expected.

You will also need to experiment with what smells you can stomach and which ones you can’t. Your nose will be much more sensitive to odors, so you’ll need something that smells more natural or even a product that has no smell at all.


Belli Pure and Pampered Body Wash

This body wash is made with extracts from cucumber and green tea. This paired with the lavender in it are added for a positive aromatherapy aspect. The entire formula is vegan friendly as well, since there are no animal products used.

The wash is gentle enough to use every day, since it is unlikely to give you any type of reaction. It’s been allergy tested and is free from all types of preservatives. You can use it however you like to in the shower or bath, and it will keep you covered.

It comes in a nice stand up tube, so there isn’t any fussing with a pump or anything that can become broken or damaged.

Some note that it does not lather well. This is understandable with a natural product and you may have to do a little bit of trial and error to see how to create more suds with the soap. Sometimes a cloth will work and other times you may need something like a sponge.


  • Made with cucumber and green tea extracts.
  • Vegan friendly.
  • Can use daily with no issues.


  • Doesn’t lather well


Puracy Natural Body Wash

There are many harmful chemicals missing from this product. It doesn’t have dyes, sulfates, or petroleum ingredients. In fact, there are no strong chemicals included, so it will not cause dryness, irritation, or rashes for most people. This may be why it comes with a satisfaction guarantee. If you don’t like it, you can get your money back.

It is intended to hydrate and purify your skin. It purifies with the pink salt it contains. This is a special type of salt that can do great things for your body. The company even gives to charity with every purchase. This helps other people and you get a great product for your home use.

There are those that will still get itchiness after using this. It could be due to the salt and you will have to be careful. If you notice that it makes you itchy, you likely need to air dry your skin or put lotion on right away after you shower.


  • Comes with a satisfaction guarantee.
  • Contains no strong chemicals.
  • Helps purify skin.


  • May cause itchiness in some.


Tree to Tub Soapberry for Body

The main ingredient is soapberries, which grow in the wild and have been used to make soap for many years. They are also literally berries, and one is provided in the package this item comes in, for you to check out.

The fact that it has native soap in it means that it is natural enough for pretty much anyone to use. It doesn’t matter what type of skin you have, as it can help you with dry, oily, or combination skin.

The scent is very light and smells like lavender, which is common in natural washes, and many people like it. If you do not, you may not want to consider this one. There might be an issue with it hydrating all types of skin as well.

For example, if you have very dry skin naturally, you probably want to moisturize even though this product will nourish skin as well. It has aloe vera, cucumber, and Shea butter, so there are so many things to like about it.


  • Is a pH-balanced product.
  • Good for all types of skin.
  • Has a gentle scent.


  • Doesn’t hydrate all skin.


The Seaweed Bath Co. Body Wash

If you are looking for something with ingredients that are on trend, this one has blue green algae, neem oil, and coconut oil. These are things that many people are excited about right now and they are beneficial materials.

These natural oils are what help the skin feel smooth and healthy, where you won’t feel dry after each use. Instead, skin will be silky and smooth after each bath. The color looks a bit green, since there are no colors added, so it might be off-putting for some. However, you should remember that it is meant to be as gentle and natural as possible, so this isn’t a bad thing.

You will most likely need to use a bath pouf to get any lather out of this wash, since it isn’t designed to make a lot of suds. Of course, more suds doesn’t mean that it works better. It will perform well no matter if it makes lather or not.


  • Made with blue green algae.
  • Keeps skill feeling silky.
  • Contains natural oils.


  • May need a pouf to get lather.


Earth Mama Morning Wellness Body Wash

Moms that are suffering from morning sickness can get a lot of use out of this product. It is designed with ingredients that help with this type of issue, so it should be able to help alleviate your nausea when you utilize it.

These beneficial things are lime and grapefruit, making it nice and citrusy. They aren’t too strong and give off a good scent. Some users don’t like the scent after it is on the skin, but this may be due to a litany of reasons, and not anything that really has to do with the body wash itself.

The formula contains no triclosan or parabens, and is considered to be quite natural. It is also certified by Orgegon Tilth, which means it is organic and of great quality. It consists of mainly oils and herbs, which are simple and safe things for mom and baby.


  • Has no triclosan.
  • Made with ingredients that help with morning sickness.
  • Certified by Oregon Tilth.


  • Some may not like the smell.


Nine Naturals Body Wash

You can use this when you are pregnant and also when you are nursing, which helps since you won’t have to switch soaps right away after you deliver your baby. It features lime, lemon, and geranium, meaning it has a unique and clean smelling scent to it.

The moisturizers include avocado oil and cupuacu butter, which should keep you from being itchy and leave your skin feeling good. There are absolutely no petrochemicals in it, which can ease your fears. There are so many things out there that might hurt your growing fetus, but everything hasn’t been studied and proven. This can make things overwhelming when you are looking at ingredients and trying to stay away from certain things.

The product is expensive, but it will take you through many baths. You do not have to use much at all to get clean. In other words, the bottle will not run out quickly when you use it as intended.


  • Also safe to use when breastfeeding.
  • Just need to use a little.
  • Contains no petrochemcials.


  • Expensive.


Purely Northwest Tea Tree Oil Body Wash

Besides just being a natural product to clean your body with, this one can help you with a lot of different skin conditions. No matter if you have skin irritation, eczema, different types of acne, or even body odor, this body wash can lend a hand.

The formula is extra strength, but since it doesn’t have things like silicone, dyes, or scents, it is still able to help those with even the most sensitive skin.

There are those that may still suffer skin problems even when they use it, but this is a rare occurrence. If you have trouble while using this one, it may simply be too powerful for your skin. You may also be using too much.


  • Protects from many skin conditions.
  • Gets rid of body odor.
  • Extra strength formula.


  • Must use with care.


Aveeno Daily Moisturizing Body Wash

Aveeno is a body wash you have likely heard of and may have even used for yourself. It is more accessible than other soaps out there, but it also doesn’t have only natural ingredients, which some consumers do not approve of.

At the same time, it does have some natural ingredients and is gentle enough to use for pregnant women. The oats and oatmeal it contains are great for moisturizing the skin and keeping the moisture in.

There is no soap in it, so it cleans but does not dry skin out. This makes it ideal for sensitive skin. There is little to no fragrance as well, ensuring it won’t aggravate your sense of smell either.


  • Does not contain soap.
  • Leaves skin looking healthy.
  • Contains oats to help lock in moisture.


  • Not natural enough for some.


The Moms Co. Natural Body Wash

The cleansers in this one are all coconut based, which means they are gentle on the skin and are as natural as possible. There is also ginger and orange oils, which are great for sensitive noses, since they aren’t overpowering smells.

There is no mineral oil in it, and no other substances that have weird sounding names or abbreviations. This can be hard to find sometimes, so it’s great that you don’t have to worry about heavy metals, carcinogens, or other harmful things when you use this product.

Natural moisturizers means that it may help skin stretch well. This can lessen the appearance of stretch marks, which are a big issue during pregnancy. One thing to note is that the bottle is small compared to others, but it is made of very good stuff and can last a long time.


  • Promotes skin elasticity.
  • Has no mineral oil.
  • Cleansers are made from coconut.


  • Small bottle.


Pangea Organics Body Wash

This body wash is highly concentrated and promises 60 uses in one bottle. This is not hard to accomplish, since it is recommended that you only use a quarter size amount. Unlike other items in this list, it foams up quite nicely, no matter what you use to scrub your body.

The scent is lavender and cardamom, so it adds a little something different, which will wake you up and not be so powerful that it bothers you. It is formulated to help relieve tension and anxiety, which many of us need help with regularly.

The smell does go away quickly though, so whether you like it or you don’t, you are unlikely to smell it on yourself all day. This may be a bad or good thing, depending on your preferences.

It washes off your body cleanly, so there will not be any weird scum feeling on your skin, which can be the case sometimes.


  • Foams up well.
  • Helps wake you up.
  • Rinses off nicely.


  • Smell dissipates quickly.

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