Shrinkx Belly Bamboo Charcoal Postpartum Belly Wrap Review

///Shrinkx Belly Bamboo Charcoal Postpartum Belly Wrap Review


There are so many things to consider when you’re looking for a post pregnancy belly wrap that will be able to help you. You first need to be aware of any allergies you have to certain fibers or materials, and if you have any pain postpartum, it is very important that a wrap be able to alleviate that pain, while keeping you wrapped up and safe. The Shrinkx Belly Bamboo Charcoal Belly Wrap does a good job with these things, and has a breathable design, so it won’t make you sweat too much, which can lead to irritation or other skin allergies that are common in other products on the market. Here’s a look at some of the most important aspects of the product.


This wrap has bamboo charcoal fibers, which not only are a great alternative to latex, or something else, but it also helps keep the garment bacteria free. The charcoal can help you flush toxins when you sweat and won’t cause you any adverse effects. The product is also very adjustable, since it has two straps that can be adjusted to meet your needs. This means it is also able to fit a lot of different sizes or women, whether you just gave birth or are many weeks out from having a baby. When worn properly, this belly wrap will be able to help you lose weight, improve your circulation, and it will also protect your back, legs, and pelvis from constant pain, since it can support you in the areas where you need it the most.

Another cool aspect about this product containing bamboo charcoal is that this material is able to emit infrared light. This allows you to get hotter, so you can lessen swelling, blood flow, and ensure that you are healing efficiently. It keeps the moisture from staying near you, so you don’t have to worry about getting all sweaty and sticky everywhere, which can be a huge pain, especially if you are trying to get through your day.

How to Use

You should use this item as soon as possible after you have a baby. This is so it can help you get your body back to normal faster, so you can feel your best again. It can be worn day or night, for as many hours a day as you want, until you are feeling great about yourself and your midsection. The compression that this item gives you will make you feel much better, especially if you have problems doing a certain task because of pain or plain old fatigue. Since your blood flow will increase when you wear this, it may be able to help you get some of your energy back, so there’s really no reason not to wear it as often as you want.

User’s Opinions

People that have used this band say that it does what they needed it to do. It not only helped them get back into shape by burning more calories, but it also helped them look good in their clothes again after having a child. Some people liked how easy it is to put on and the fact that it won’t bunch up or move around a lot after you secure it. They also say that it alleviates pain and can help with posture. You also won’t overheat in it, since it is relatively sheer, to keep it cleaner and let lots of air through. It can be worn up to a year after having a child, so even if you don’t start right away, you can still get results that will be quite beneficial.

How to Care For

Yet another great thing about this product is that it’s easy to care for. When it gets dirty, simply hand wash it in cold water and lay it flat to dry. You won’t have to worry about your washing machine messing it up, and you can wash it when you hand wash your delicates, so everything can be clean when you need to wear it. This item will last a long time when you take care of it properly, and can be a very valuable tool for you to have when you are a new mom.

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