Shymay Women’s Lace Bodyshaper Corset Bodysuit


Shymay is a producer of many different types of clothing, including lingerie and shape wear to solve many issues or problem areas for women of all sizes and shapes.

This product, the Shymay Lace Body Shaper Bodysuit is a one piece corset style garment that is constructed of polyester and spandex, so that it can stretch and breathe.

It is efficient in helping to control waist, back, and hip areas, and can help you achieve a more hourglass shape in appearance. It is designed with a lacy outer layer, with thicker lace on the shoulder straps and upper leg areas. The bodysuit looks much like a one piece bathing suit, and comes in three versatile colors: black, nude, and gray. The suit also features a deep neckline with a large u shape in the front and a v shape in the back. There is a hook closure in the crotch area, which allows for easy removal of the product, as well as less fuss when it is time to use the restroom.

Other features include a high chest area complete with heavy-duty straps, which some people may be able to use as a bra, while others reportedly wear this product as well as their favorite bras to get maximum support in the breast area. There are no underwires, the material is not bulky or flimsy, and the bodysuit should only be washed by hand, especially if you would like to extend the life of the garment and get the most use out of it.

Users of this product have many nice things to say about the product and few complaints. The nice things include that the product is effective in providing a flat belly appearance and is good for controlling the waist and hips. It is described as a shaper that is a medium compression level garment, which gets the job done, but doesn’t hurt to wear and doesn’t prevent the wearer from breathing.

Other praises include that it is not itchy, the straps do not dig into skin, and that they are not okay with having just one of these products in their house and have to purchase more after wearing it for the first time. On the other hand, the negatives mentioned about the product include that it runs at least 2 sizes small and it may be because the product is designed for Asian women. Some women also complained that it was easy to put the garment on backwards and that there were visible panty lines. A fix for this is to remember that the neckline of the shaper plunges more in the front and that clothes can be worn a little looser to keep from getting the panty lines. However, even people that had concerns about the product admitted that they liked it overall and were not questioning the purchase of the Shymay Lace Body shaper Bodysuit or that it does what it says it does. The Shymay shaper is a crowd pleaser and could come in handy to women interested in a bodysuit type garment.

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