Squeem Waist Cincher Reviews

Squeem is a large name in shapewear products and has been for a long time. They have been making fajas and other garments for men and women for over 30 years. In fact, the founder of Squeem has been at the cutting edge of Brazilian fashion and trends for many decades. The Squeem line of products is widely known in South America, North America, and even all the way into Europe, with plans to expand their reaches in the near future. Their body shapers and body garments are very versatile and are made for many different purposes and body types. They even have products designed especially for men to wear. Users can count on them to know what type of shaper they need to help correct posture, smooth out their middle, and even help them after have a surgical procedure or following a pregnancy. Other products are even designed to use when working out, or to help lose weight. In addition, every single piece of their shapewear is constructed of natural materials including cotton and latex, so they are designed to be worn for hours at a time and still be comfortable. They also have quality construction that is designed to stay put when worn correctly.

Squeem “Perfect Waist” Firm Compression Waist Trainer


The Squeem Perfect Waist Trainer is designed to be used for many different reasons. Some of these reasons are to improve posture, trim the waist, alleviate back pain, accentuate the breast area, strengthen core, and maintain an hourglass appearance. It may also be used to help lose weight or boost metabolism.

This waist trainer, like other Squeem products is made of the best technology they have to offer and is constructed of all natural materials, including a natural rubber on the outside of the garment and soft cotton on the inside. It is offered in two colors, which are beige and black, and comes in a plethora of sizes, so nearly anyone should be able to find a size that meets their needs.

Features of this high quality garment include a hook closure in the front and durable ridges built into the interior that lend structure to the entire trainer. This allows it to stand up and not roll down or become bunched up while being worn. It should be hand washed to ensure the longevity of the garment and because of the fact that it is made of natural fibers.

Many users say that they adore the product and praise different aspects of the girdle. Positive claims include that the product is true to size so it will be easy to find the right size for your body type. They also say the trainer is very comfortable, even describing that it is comfortable enough to sleep in. It can be worn in oppressive heat without getting too hot, you can run or exercise in the garment, and it stretches a little bit after being broken in. There are even reports that women have lost 2 inches off of their waists in a matter of hours of using this product.

Negative claims for the product are pretty benign and include that some users that are shorter in stature or have short torsos may have a problem wearing the product correctly due to its length, and that the foundation ridges may pop out at any time. Others say that it is not easily disguised under clothes, although it is recommended that you wear loose clothing or layered clothing while using the product if you are worried about that sort of thing.

As a whole people very much like the product and report that they have no problems when they wear it all day. Many users say that they have purchased more than one product because it worked so well for the purposes they needed it for, with the most popular reason being trimming inches off the waist and after having a baby. If you are interested in an inexpensive and useful waist trainer, this product is definitely a great one to look into.

Squeem Miracle Vest Shapewear


The Squeem Miracle Vest is a wear your own bra type of shapewear garment, which consists of a compression camisole to slim down the middle of your body starting at your underarms and upper back and ending at the bottom of the abdominal area.

This useful piece of shapewear is available in two colors, beige and black, and is around 22 inches in length, in order to cover the entire torso. It features heavy-duty shoulder straps, which are adjustable, and is reinforced with spandex in the armpit area for extra protection and coverage. You can wear your own bra of any size with this shaper, which allows it to be worn by women of many different shapes and body types. It has a hook closure down the front and is made with special Squeem fabric technology.

There are many uses for this product, such as lessening back pain, gaining better posture, to slim the middle of your body, and for use when working out to help the wearer sweat more, so they may lose more weight or get toned faster than through exercise and diet alone.

A very wide range of benefits has been reported by customers of this shaper. They love the fact that they are able to wear their own bra, and report being able to wear anything from full coverage bras to sports bras and everything in between. It is said to fit very tightly at first, but that aspect changes very quickly as the product fits as expected and comes in a wide range of sizes. This vest has been used with positive results for a sweatier workout, better posture, and for helping with all types of back pain. Some complaints about the product are that you may need help with getting into the product at first, that it may stretch out a bit, and that it can be seen through clothes that are tight, sheer, or with thin straps. However, most customers say that the product doesn’t stretch out too much, it still does its job, and that it is easy to simply wear darker clothes and tank tops instead.

The most important thing to note about this product is that many people say that it has helped their self esteem greatly which made it worth the price. If you want a little bit of help with your self-esteem, check out this shapewear as well.

Squeem Men’s “The Trimmer” Waist Cincher


This Squeem waist cincher is designed especially for men to use. It has a great compression factor and fits the longer male torso. The cincher’s purposes are wide-ranging and include correcting posture, alleviating back pain, slimming waist or entire torso area, giving you extra support in your core, and to help with weight loss.

This waist trainer consists of soft, durable cotton inside and has natural latex on the outside. It features a series of hook closures on the front of the shaper, in order for it to be removed easily whenever you need to take it off. This also allows for the garment to be able to be sized correctly according to the wearer’s measurements. It is solidly constructed, comes in black or nude, and should not roll or bunch up in any way or fashion.

There is a high satisfaction rate among users of this waist trainer and not many gripes about it. It is reported that it does all the things it sets out to do. For instance, users say that it not only helps correct posture, it also supports the back a great deal, so that men can get more tasks accomplished instead of being in pain. Additionally, it helps compress and flatten the abdomen area for a slimmer and leaner look through the middle, looks fine when worn under clothes, and can also alleviate pain associated with hernias and to support the body after hernias or surgery. It is even said to help kick start weight loss and is considered more useful when paired with a healthy diet and moderate exercise. This shaper can be worn for up to 10 hours each day with no problems. The only negative associated with the product is that the sizing can be a mystery. It is true to size but people that have bought the product recommend thinking about what the cincher is to be used for and ordering a size down if you want to use in the manner it should be used for.

All in all, this waist trainer does what it is designed to do and happy users report few quirks with this product. It can help any man that may need help with back pain or feels unsure about his belly and wants to do something about it. It is a well-made corset style product that can be worn every day and will not feel uncomfortable, which warrants looking into if you are looking for this type of shapewear.

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