Tips For Coping With Postpartum Hair Loss


Some of you maybe heard about a hair loss condition after a pregnancy. I am quite sure that I heard all about it when I was pregnant, but I must have been put way back in the memory. I remember having my hair looking much better during pregnancy than before, so I didn’t worry. After I gave birth everything was still okay and suddenly after three months out of nowhere my hair was falling off. I was a little bit scared, but after a little research I had all the fact.

Why Do We Have A Postpartum Hair Loss And Is It Normal?

When we are pregnant hormones go crazy in our body. That’s why we have all that cravings and morning sickness. As the hair, normally about 90% of our hair is in a so called growing phase, or anagen phase. The rest of the hair is in resting phase, or telogen phase. So, when our hair is in telogen phase the hair loss appears. But, during the pregnancy hormones go wild and the anagen phase takes longer time. After giving a birth, hormones will wear off, so telogen phase will kick in and stay a little bit longer.

It is a very normal case; you don’t have to be worried. Baldness isn’t an option; believe me, most of the women go through this process. It starts usually three months after the birth and it can last for eight or nine months.

Can it Be Prevented And How Do We Handle It?

The postpartum hair loss is all natural thing that happens because hormones. It cannot be prevented and there is no a vitamin or remedy which would help or stop hair loss.

Of course, there is a way to ease of consequences caused by hormones going up and down. Comb with wide tooth will ease hair loss and before washing your hair, brush it, since it’s harder to brush wet hair. Everything that might tangle your hair, throw out of the picture.

If you are using conditioner let it set and very carefully brush your hair with conditioner on. It will ease up tangling and you won’t have to brush it as much often as you had without conditioner. If you wear a ponytail, try not to wear it too tightly, pony tail will cause hair to shed more, and I don’t think you want that.

Try to keep your surroundings clean and hairless, especially around the baby, since it is possible for the hair that is left in the house gets around baby’s fingers, toes or boy parts which can cause stop of circulation and urgent medical care.

I know that hair loss can be difficult to cope with, but remember it’s temporary and many women have it. You just have to hang in there just a little more time.

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